First Fish of the Year!!!!!!

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  1. Went to CC lake on Sat. from 2 - 5 pm. Put in at wellman ramp. Fished the south pool. Water temp in the cove was 44 - 45 F. Used a drop shot rig with a 10ft crappie pole and 4 pound test line. SPlit shot and two hooks with crappie minnows purchased at the spillway baitshop. Fished in 30 ft water on the bottom or a few cranks up. There was wood on the bottom but not visible from the surface. (If you find an anchor there, it is mine. Had to cut rope cause a try monster ate my anchor. Another excuse to go to BP) Must use a boat with good fish finder to graph good locations. Hit the mouth of the cove but not in the main creek channel. Look for where the creek channel starts to rise towards the bank.

    First fish was a 10.5" crappie followed by four of her sisters in the 8" range. Even got one cold little bluegill to try and suck down a minnow.

    Felt good to get the zero monkey off my back. Can't wait for the weekend.
    Now the hard decission. Should I cast for muskie, or go for more crappie?
    Life is full of tough decissions like this! :D

    Joe P
    I can't wait to get at your eyes soon. Found two other spots you would be interested in for eyes. One is a proven spot, one is alledged.....but from a good resource.

    Fish on!!!!
  2. There is no decision there.....cast away and don't forget the figure 8. lol.

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    Nice hearing from you again. I was just wondering about you the other day. Logged in tonight and there you were :D Thanks for the report !! THE CATKING !!! :)
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    I might have to make a run up there soon as the river is a mess & I'm starting to get the bug. ;)