First Fish 2008

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishNbutler, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. I hit 7 mile creek yesterday after work. The waters up, but fairly clear. Caught 4 smallies in about an hour. All around 12 inches, not big, but darn it was nice to get out. After last years drought, I believe it will take years for Indian Creek and 4 mile creek to recover as they were virtually dry by the end of summer. Damn shame, I loved fishing those creeks...
  2. Nice, caught a few yesterday also. Where are places to acsess 7 mile? I used to fish there when I lived in Oxford but it was private property that I parked on. Only could go on weekdays when people were working and I was skipping class

  3. Just look for obvious pull off places next to the creek on any number of side roads that run next to it. I was just north of Collinsville the other night, but I have fished it from there through Somerville and even past Camden. Just do a little exploring and you can usually find access especially on side roads.
  4. if im gona drive all the way to oxford its loramie creek and four mile for me some real good small mouth fishin to be had in those two