First Ever Muskie!!!!!!

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    [/ATTACH]I went to cowen lake this morn. to do some bass fishing. started by throwing a buzz bait. was throwing around some laydowns when wham!!! At first I thought it was a very large bass. It only took about a second to realize it was not a bass but a muskie. It pulled my boat around for about 3 minutes. Well as I am fighting this beast I am scrambling around the boat trying to get my net (not really big enough) all the time figuring the line is going to snap any second. I finally get her in the net. ( well most of her) and as I lift her in the buzz bait falls out of her mouth. So now Im thinking how am I going to get a pic.of her to everyone (my dad) will believe me. So lucky I see a pontoon boat about 300 yards up the bank. I put her in the water and troll over to them & get them to take a couple of pics. with my phone. wellI measured her at 42 inches. have no idea of weight.would love some opinions from some of you muskie guys. I actually hooked an other one 10minutes later but it jumped twice & spit the bait. but that was still a thrill to see it jumplike that. what a day the biggest fish for me by far except cats... Thanks for letting me share....

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  2. about 20#.


  3. very cool! Nice fish
  4. Awesome catch - must have been a thrill. Congratulations!
  5. Very nice fish. I was down at the marina a couple of weeks ago to check in on cuz Tom and see how his selection of Gizz 3's were doing. I asked about the fishing and got the full report. One thing I was told was that there aren't many musky fisherman going after the musky but the bass fisherman are doing pretty good on them. I remeber when I was a kid and having a guy known as "Mr. Musky" take me to his tackle box and show me his lures. Man was I excited. This guy was famous for catching musky on that lake. Those lures looked huge to me. I will never forget that. Now the state is cutting the musky stocking program on Cowan and the musky will be no more in a few years. Very sad.
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    Very nice! Congratulations!
    Last time I was out at cowan there were so many carp thrashing in the pads it sounded like a giant washing machine was running. Hope those muskie eat some of those nasty lil buggers,TC1
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    Great story!

    Awesome fish!! Great Job!
  8. Great fish!!!!

    You may not always remember all of the muskies you catch but I guarantee you will never forget the first!

    As for weight it is hard to tell how much girth from the pic but I'm with Cincy around 20lbs.

    If you would, please go to the DNR website and report the fish to the Muskie Angler Log (MAL), also the fish qualifies you for a Fish Ohio award and a FREE membership to the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club. When entering the fish into the MAL it will give you a link to click on for the Fish Ohio award as well as the free membership.

    Once again congrats and if you ever get the "bug" to learn more about muskie fishing you are more than welcome to come to one (or several) of our meetings.
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    NICE FISH! I have yet to catch one myself although I do not fish for them. I have always hoped to accidentially catch one just so I can mark it off my list! Again, nice catch!
  10. Nice Job... on the musky and LMB is nice one as well..

  11. Awesome fish! thanks for posting
  12. I have only caught two but I know I'll never forget my first! I caught it about 3 yeas ago at Cave run in kentuky. I would guess your to e aroud 20lbs the The second one I caught was 37in and was 15lbs.
    here are acouplpics of my first. it was 50inches and was estimated to be 35- 38 pounds

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    Awesome fish, and a great report as well!
  14. Graet fish. Thanks for sharing the story.
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    You know it is funny all my buddies/ dad. keep telling me I am crazy for not keeping it & having it mounted. but, I feel so much better letting it go so someone else can enjoy the same as me. Also, with them not stocking them in cowen anymore I just couldnt bring my self to killing her....
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    Congrats !! Great looking Muskie !!
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    always get a mount from the picture I heard that is a better way of doing it now anyway. Nice fish I hope to catch one eventually
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    Awesome fish! Way to go!
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    Thank you all for you cangrats. I cant wait to get out and try again. It is a real shame they are not stocking them there anymore. It is a great lake to fish because of the horsepower limit. no crazys on jetskies. would much rether fish there than cesears creek. but hopefully the bass population will continue to florish.....