first deer november 23

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by drew 2313, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Well me and my dad got into our treestand around 9:30 and no more than 1 minute later this button buck walks out. It was hiding behind this tree for 5 minutes with only his rear end showing and he finally gave me a shot and i made the best of it. It was about a 35 yard shot but i had to shoot between to trees. It was a heart shot and it only ran about 20 yards. I have some pics but i dont know how to upload them, if anyone can help me thanks..
  2. congrats, I still remember my 1st deer like it was yesterday and it was 25 years ago!

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    Here's a few of Drew's pictures. Congratulations on your first deer.

  4. will be a day you will never forget.
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    Congrats! Nothing like your first deer.
  7. congratulations brother lol nice job!!!
  8. Congrats on the first one. I do not know what was best for me now I look back , the first one or just hunting with dad :)