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First Day of Success!!!!!

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by oufisherman, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Friday, the 18th was the last day of the quarter and the sun was shining so nice that I just had to give a local pond a shot. Decided to fish for some gills and maybe some bass. I fished a small crappie jig tipped with a nightcrawler below a bobber and started fishing the shallow end where the wind was blowing into. Also knew the bottom was pretty muck and might warm up quick. Needless to say, started picking up bluegill anywhere from 1' or less of water out to about 4'. In about 3 hours I pulled in 15 bluegill and one bass about 13 inches. The two largest bluegill went 9" and 8" and were real healthy. It was a great way to spend the day and FINALLY CATCH THE FIRST FISH OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!! All I've got to say, is fish look out, here I come. Here's a pic of the largest bluegill.

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  2. Something about the first fish on soft water after the long hard winter. Glad you had a nice day. :)

  3. hey oufisherman, i'm here in athens too, was wondering what ponds you fish at locally. i've been out to a couple ponds, dow, and fox recently. caught nothing, still too cold, but i'm workin on my tech. and a few new baits. any info would be great. i hope it warms up soon, i fish about everyday.

    Jeff Haught
  4. WELCOME ABOARD Jeff Haught
    Soon every pond will be warm enough!!!
  5. Hey Jeff, I have a few ponds that friends own, however one may be lost due to owners moving. The rest of my ponds are ones where I simply stopped and asked for permission at after driving around the area. I've already got a few more lined up that I'll be asking for permission at. Don't really fish the lakes around here, ponds are easier and quicker with my schedule.
    I have caught some bass from the shore at Dow Lake and Stroud's Run, but nothing with any size. For gills, I fish with crappie jig tipped with wax worm under bobber. For bass, lizards are a deadly plastic lure, especially during spring and into early summer. Also use spinnerbaits, rapalas, and some crankbaits when water is muddy.
    The Hocking has some great smallmouth fishing if you can hit it right. Maybe we can hook up once the weather warms back up. Take it easy.
  6. although instead he should be fishing the Hocking.........

    ive gotten a few smallies this year and i have been fishing in between ices on some ponds up here. just gils and a few crappie. small bass on occasion. rain should warm the water up. hope you boys are ready cause its about to bust loose.

  7. gonefishin'

    gonefishin' Lifestyle Farmer

    Ah, yes, me too!
  8. sounds good doug!!!!

    did you make it out to deer creek monday?
  9. Heres an ok pic of the smallie i got on the second cast saturday.............although it didnt come from the hocking........a little north of that.


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  10. Dave, I didn't make it out to Deer Creek on Monday. Didn't feel like getting up early to make the drive. Ended up going over to help a friend get packed up for their move. Fished his pond for a little while afterwards and caught 7 gills and one crappie.