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  1. I just had to get a line wet this morning when i got home from work. So i decided to throw the waders on and jump in 7 mile creek to see if i could catch a few smallies. I get down there and on the fifth cast wouldn't you know it right into a tree. I fooled around with it for a few minutes to try and get it out with no luck, so i just broke the line off. I get in my bag to get another lure out and just my luck, my box is empty except for 1 bass tube and a few little hair jigs. I bought a new tackle bag a few weeks ago and put everything in it. Anyway i take the tube out and put the hook through the zipper on my bag. Which turned out to be a very bad idea. While i was fixing my line i heard a kerplunk!! I looked around didn't see anything so i went back to what i was doing. I go to grab the tube and its gone!! It then dawned on me, that was the kerplunk!! that i heard. So of course i start swearing and looking around in the water which of course its not going to be there . The water was moving pretty good. So i say what the heck i will just tie on one of the hair jigs and maybe get lucky. I mean besides at least i'm in the water getting a line wet even if i don't catch anything who cares. I walk down stream a little ways and throw into another tree. So at this time i'm just ready to call it quits and go back home. The current was a little stronger then i thought it would be, or wait i didn't think about that. Here i am pushing my way back upstream legs feel like they are on fire and all of a sudden i hear another kerplunk!! except this time i knew exactly what made the sound right away. It was me falling on my butt in 40 something degree water. I jump up swearing and yelling of course. Then i think oh man my phone and the camera are in my bag! I start looking through my bag and everything is dry. But then i think to myself wheres my phone? I look in the smaller pocket on the front, and there it is soaking wet. Had i bothered to look at the bag before i left i would have seen that there wasn't a plastic liner in the small pocket like there was in the bigger main pocket. So needless to say when the girlfriend gets home from work i'm gonna have to hear her yell for a little while. I mean come on its only the third phone in two years thats hit the drink. It happens. Anyway i'm about 300-350 yards away from where i get out. I'm cold, legs burning and thinking to my self what else can go wrong this morning when BAM!! i hit the water again. I wasn't paying attention to where i was walking. This time i can't help but do anything but laugh. After all i was in such a hurry to get out this morning that i left all of my tackle at home, and when i realized it i should have just turned around and went home. But NO i just had to fish. Well this time i can definately say that i didn't catch any fish, but the fish caught me.

    I hope you get a good laugh. I know i did when it was all over:D
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    Sounds like a good time!! I enjoyed reading:)

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    Hey, if it was all fun and games we'd be elbow to elbow out there all the time. Most people these days don't understand us because the day you just described sounded like a boatful of fun to me.
    Sometimes just BEING OUT THERE is all that matters.
    Nice post.
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    Thanks Ridge,
    I needed that visual. We've all been there before. $15 on a waterproof cell phone bag (you can talk through it) or some cheap glad snack bags will save you an ass chewing every now and then.
    Next time, just tell people you were NOODLING.
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    ...'cause then I know this kind of stuff happens to other people, too! One of my sons wears a t-shirt with a cool saying on it, which I will change a bit for this purpose: on the front, it says "Yeah, it's all FUN AND GAMES until someone falls in..." and on the back it says "Then it's freakin' HILARIOUS!" Sometimes ya gotta laugh. I have not ventured out yet, but no force of nature will keep me from the ponds next week--hopefully, I will be laughing all by myself when I pull up the big one...;)