First Chrome!

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by PartTimeBasser, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. :eek: Third trip searching for steel was a charm. Went out Saturday AM fishing "a river" and landed 5 out of 7, and my buddy went 2 for 4. All fish were taken on jig/maggot and plain hook w/crawlers. We brought four of them home for the smoker.

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    Nice catches...hope those boys are good on the smoke!;)

  3. Nice catch! That's more steel in one day than I've landed all season! Lucky bastard!
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    nice fish, but is that a willy's behind you.sweetjeep
  5. Well, yes it is a Willys...sort of. It's actually a 42 Ford GPW (Willys produced in the Ford plant during the war, so titled as a Ford) with a 46-49 civilian body on it. Not a show piece, but a lot of fun!

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Congrats Tim on getting your first steelies!!!!!

  7. nice fish!!!!! way to go welcome to our addiction!
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    Congratulations Tim!

    Great fishing report and pics too. :B

    Very sweet Jeep you've got. !% !%
  9. Thanks, guys!

    I did return yesterday to the same river and a few other areas on another trib, concentrating on waters within a couple of miles of Lake Erie.
    Didn't get any hits, or see any fish moving. Water was pretty clear and just a bit higher than Saturday, very little difference in current. I didn't try hardware, but just threw jig / maggot and jig / crawler yesterday.
  10. very nice steel good pics. congrats, is it snowing up their yet?
  11. Thanks, Brian.

    Yesterday there was very little snow falling, and only occasionally. Nothing on the ground yet.