First Bucket Mouth of the season

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  1. My fishing season started real slow this year. I have been reading lots of people doing real well but with the area lakes still flooded i headed to the ponds. I started to really hit them at the end of last week on a purple burkley worm. Crawling it slow with no weight along the bottom. I probably landed 30+ fish from friday till today. Then I caught this monster today out of nowhere. He was real sluggish and looks way too skinny for the size of his head and mouth. Makes me think he needs more food in his pond.

  2. If it is really a "He" then I would say he is pretty good sized. But I suspect the he is really a "She". And you may be right that it is somewhat stunted based on head size. However, most folks would be happy with "stunted" 5# fish in their ponds.:D

    Perhaps the pond could use some more bait fish. Another possibility is that there are too many large bass. A pond can only keep so many big fish. At one point the bass number in there was probably fine. If none have been removed over the years you may be over the capacity for the pond.

    By the way that is a great fish and what a fish to have as your first for the year.

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    Nice bass man, nice.
  4. Thanks.

    Yeah, i actually have done some talking with the land owner. He told me he put the fish in at 6#. I just didnt see or feel that when i caught it. Im going to work with him a little bit in the future to put some more baitfish structure as well as baitfish into the pond.