First Buck Down!!!

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  1. I shot a nice 130in 8pt last night about 5:15. I have many trail camera pictures of this buck, but I had never laid eyes on him until last night. I haven't seen him on my camera for a month, and the neighbor said he shot a big 8 but never found it, so i figured he was dead somewhere.

    Ill try to keep this short so I dont bore anyone. Last tuesday night I grunted in a decent sized 6 point but I couldnt get a good shot on him. He came down a very beat down trail that had some rubs scattered throughout the trail. I figured a buck or 2 was using that trail becasue of the trail cam pics I had. He was about 10 yards and I drew, but couldn't close the deal. I tried grunting some more once he moved and he just wouldnt give me a shot.

    I gave that area a rest for a few days and went back last night. I set up about 10 yards from where I was the other night. I set up to give me the best chance to make a shot at the trail they were using. At 4:45ish I started grunting off and on. Nothing came down the trail, but for some reason I looked behind me, and there he was. 70 yards away in the swamp coming towards me. I grabbed my bow and waited. He circled all the way around behind me and stopped at 40 yards. I drew my bow thinking he was going to come down the trail. He didn't like something and turned around and went back the way he came. I grunted an few more short times and he bit. He popped into my shooting lane. I set my 30 yd pin and let it fly. He let out a grunt and took off. I heard him crash about 20 sec later. He went 50 yards and that was it. :!

    Big 8.JPG
  2. Congratulations on a very nice looking buck. It is great when your plan all comes together like it did.

  3. Great Buck Man! Well Done. Congrats!
  4. Congrats! That is a true brute!