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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by carxman17, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Hey all. I am going on my first bow hunt this sunday morn. I am 39 years old & never had the chance to hunt for deer. As a kid I hunted rabbit & squirrel, but never deer. A friend of mine has land in adams county and he is taking me there sun morn. He hasnt had time to put up his tree stands yet, so he is setting me up in a ground blind. I have been practicing since last winter so I feel ready, but I know it is alot harder when you are stairing at a live deer. anyway wish me luck & any tips would be great.... will post adventure on mon.:D
  2. Good luck and have fun.

  3. Just be patient and have fun. Best of luck!
  4. Know your limitations. There isn't a worse feeling in the world than shooting a deer and not being able to recover it.

    Have fun, be patient, and most of all, be safe.

    Let us know how it turns out.
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    Take a pee bottle!
  6. Good Luck. One hunt is all it takes and you'll be hooked! Great to have another one in the woods.
  7. right before the shot take a deep breathe and let it out easy and just think its just a target in the backyard, just another 20 or 30 yard shot!!!!!! not a deer.
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    Gotat watch that big beathe thing. :D Did that this year on the biggest buck i have ever seen in the woods. Was at full draw took one last DEEP breathe and raised my bow by TWO pins Watched my arrow fly right over top of him . I swore i heard Fred G Sanford say you BIG DUMMY. Taking a deep breath is good advise just forget to drop your bow back down . Maybe i forgot to exhale LOL
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    well I dot out sunday morn. dot into the woods about 45 min. before sunrise. We had my ground blind in what we thought what we thought was a good spot just off a logging road. only saw one deer. It was about 100 yards out. Oh well. We hunted until about 11 am, My buddy saw 2 does and tried to work them my way but they never showed. No deer but still had great time will deffefenetly be back in the woods soon. next time from a tree stand. did not like being on ground in blind to restrictive. Anyway thanks for all the advice.:S