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  1. Yesterday was incredible. Saw 12 doe before seeing this buck that I shot at 9:30 in Lorain County. I had 6 doe underneith my stand for 5-10 minutes until they went north through the woods. Ironically, a few minutes later this 8 pt came walking south right on their line....I was watching the direction the does came from (south) and just happened to glance back to where they went and saw this guy coming from that direction. This is my first bow buck and I am still amazed I had the opportunity.

    Question for me is to mount or do a european? Later in my hunting life this would definitely classify as a eoropean, however with being my first bow buck my hunting family members say to get the shoulder mount done. Would love to hear some non-biased perspective.

    Time / Date: 11/8/7 9:30 a.m.
    Buckmasters: 8 pt. 112 3/4 gross
    Dressed Weight: 153
    Age: estimating 2.5-3.5

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  2. congrats very nice buck . i would get my frist as a shoulder mount

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    I got my first bow buck this year also and dimensions are pretty similar to yours. It's at the taxidermist right now. So obviously you know what my decision would be!
  4. My philosophy is that you kill 1 buck a year .. why not mount it ? I guess I just like deer mounts big or small but that is just me.
  5. mount it!!!!! i had my first deer kill ever last year (it was with a bow) and it was a nice 8pt (not as nice as yours) but i just did a cap mount and now i wish i would have had it mounted.
    just my 2cents
  6. I mounted my 1st bow kill buck that was considerably smaller than yours and while I don't regret it, I since have come to appreciate the beauty of a well done European mount. Do what ever you really want for yourself, it's your decision. Congrats on a Great Trophy!!!:! :)
  7. Thanks for everyone's comments and opinions. I skinned him out today and took him to the taxidermist for a shoulder mount....believe it or not that is what the wife urged me to do as well. :) Gotto love a supportive wife after a month + of spending every weekend in the trees without her.
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    Sweet! That's a nice buck. I agree with the shoulder mount deal on that one. My first bow buck was a 80" 7 pt and skull capped that one. I got a dandy 8 pt in the 110" range this year and I am doing a Euro on that one.

  9. Nice buck.Had my first one mounted,125 4/8" Pope and Young. He'll look great on the wall....
  10. I had my first bow buck mounted and now he's sitting in a box in the basement. Still, go ahead and live the moment and get him mounted. Although my first is stashed away, I got a great deal enjoyment out of mounting my first bow buck for at least a year. Congrats! (P.S. - It's not a bad thing to have to stash him away to make room for bigger bucks.. Good luck!)
  11. Definately shoulder mount your first buck - especially one that nice! You might forget the stories after the years - but you'll always remember your FIRST buck!!!!

    Good job!
  12. Trust me - they don't always mind.............haha.
  13. Excellent Job man, that's what it's all about.
  14. Personally, you should decide from how you feel. If the experience means a lot to you, you should do a shoulder mount. Nice buck by the way!
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    great deer and conrats on the first bow buck still waitin to get mine.