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First Boat

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by SteelieHunter, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Hello everyone! Im trying to get my first boat. I really just have a few quick q's. First, what is a good horse power for a boat on Lake Erie? Ive seen a few nice boats but they have only 130 HP which seem a bit small. I want to be able to do some walleye fishing on this boat. I also want to be able to take the fam out and cruise around. Second, Ive been looking at an all around boat like sea ray cuddy cabins and thompsons. I want a boat that you can do good fishing off of but isnt strictly a fishing boat like a sportcraft per say. Anyone have any suggestions? Preferences? Any thoughts would be appriciated. :rolleyes:
  2. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    It's about weight vs. Horsepower. A 130 hp motor will push a 1 ton boat in excess of 40 mph which is not to shabby on the water. Some folks only have 30-40 hp motors and do just fine on Erie. The boats you mentioned are all fairly heavy boats and probably wouldn't do well if over 22 ft. and were powered by 130 hp engine. There's a ton of different types of boats too. You'll have to narrow down which type you want and go from there. The many choices you'll have to decide on are; Aluminum vs Fiberglass, inboard vs outboard, closed bow vs open, just to name a few.
    If you gave more specifics about what features you're interested in you'd get more definitive responses. The folks on this site have amonst them just about every make of boat on the market.

    PS...If all you wanted was a referral for Erie boating and fishing, I'd suggest a 32 ft. Grady White walk around with triple 250 hp Yamaha's. You can't go wrong with that setup :D

  3. Hey Steelie - check out this and see if it hits home- not sure if I am even close but I know from the boat show the guys who gave similar thoughts to you about what they are lookn' for ended up gettn' one of these!

    This was big for the walleye guys with kids and families as well.

    Stratos is just reintering the NE Ohio market - actually the entire Ohio market!

    They are aggressive in gettn' the newboat buyers into them in order to re-establish the area. This means BIG new boat savings!!!

    This boat with a 150hp Yamaha (carbed) was with many extra show specials(cd player,custom cover, etc) for $21,995 everything but tax is included in price.

    Compared to "glass" boats of similar it's a hard rig to beat in performance, fishability, funability and PRICE!

    I have only run Stratos bassboats and wish I could tell you more on above.

    Feel free to pm/email if I could help more-

    BTW - I'm a fisherman not a salesguy - This is my first year out as a pro and I managed a Stratos Team spot - I'm just tryn' to wash hands and show the area the best glass out there! ALso-- I just checked out the link for them- the very top picture is NOT the 386! That is a gofastbasser! The layout is indeed that of a 386.

  4. :confused: Old joke but so true , boat the word means nothing. It is an acronymn for Break Out Another Thousand. Have had a boat since Ive been 23 years old so that adds up to 35 years. I cannot see why anybody would not at least have one. But when you have a fishing fever like I got , I consider SANITY to be an overvalued virtue. :confused:
  5. A 14 foot Sea Nymph with 50 HP outboard.
    You will be a flyin and can still tow a skier.
  6. Boats for Lake Erie. There are a lot of choices.

    I've owned 2 Stratos boats and like them both? Nip, Congratz on the Pro deal, I wish you the best of luck!

    The biggest thing, especially if your planning on taking your family out in it is that's its big enough for when the lake gets rough on you and is equipped with the correct safety equipment. Remember the family has to be comfortable and safe or they won't be enjoying it.
  7. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Lake Erie isn't a real go-fast kinda lake. My boat runs in the high 60's, yet when you're out on Erie the lake dictates your speed. Granted mine isn't a "true" Erie boat (Stratos here too, LOVE IT) and the only Erie-related advantage I can see with a bigger o/b is being able to throttle yourself up waves quicker.

    For inland lakes though, I love having a v6 outboard. That's when you can really open them up, and they are great for outrunning storms :D
  8. Hey, thanks everyone for the ideas! Ill keep all of it in mind. Obviously you get what you pay for and since im not indepently wealthy i have to look for something a bit older and smaller. However, knowing my options and hearing what you guys had to say i feel better. Thanks again! :)