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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Welsh Dragon, Nov 22, 2008.

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    I am getting ready to purchase my first boat and need to make sure I have my budget in line (mostly for the boss, my wife). I think I have everything, but do I need to consider anything like AAA, but for boating? Something that would cover issues on water or while towing?

    Any other advice or costs that are usually overlooked would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. if fishing erie join Boat U.S. get the unlimited on water towing AND unlimited trailer assist covers you on the big pond and if you break down while towing your boat...very inexpensive...mine was $69/year

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    Is that for Erie only? I'll prob go out there 6 times a year, but will be fishing smaller waters most of the time. Prob still worth it for a little over $10 a trip.
    Thanks for the info, sounds like a good deal.
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    get insurance for the boat too. my safeco insurance runs $70.00 a year and covers $500.00 in on the water towing. so that eliminates buying a towing policy elsewhere.
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    Check with progressive insurance as well. they are an underwriter for my other insurance and gave me a good eal plus if no claims in the first 4 years (I think) they waive your deductible. Advice I would give is take the ODNR water safety course. You can do it at home and many insurances will give you a discount because of it. Take an extra set of eyes with you and if you are seriously interested in buying have the motor checked for compression and leaks in the lower unit by a mechanic if you don't know how yourself. The motor will be the single biggest cost factor for your boat and the thing you will depend upon the most to work besides a life jacket.
  6. The US Coast Guard has boating safety classes from as low as $20.00 to $50.00. These classes are critical to boating knowledge & safety.
  7. You should also consider the cost of fuel, routine maintenance, repairs and storage. Towing will also increase the cost of maintenance on your tow vehicle i.e. transmission service, brakes etc. While not an immediate expense, these do add up.

    A lot of homeowners policies will allow you to add coverage for a boat at a minimal cost, but check out the coverage details, they usually do not provide for liability or coverage if you fish tournament events. I have my boat insured with Progressive and their coverage is excellent. Check with your agent for advice on what will be best for your situation.

    Another cost consideration is the necessary safety equipment an accessories.
    Budget for and buy the best personal floatation devices you can afford. Anchor, lines, VHF radio, GPS/Fish Finder etc. will add to the cost if not included in the boat purchase.

    That said, enjoy your boat with your frinds and family and the cost will be easily justified.