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    I finally broke down and bought a boat :) , off an ogf member of course. So being my first boat, and the first boat ill ever be in I have a ton of questions. Im reading and lerning a lot but I cant find a few things. Its a 14' alum. boat,older Johnson 5hp, 32 lbs minn kota troll motor.

    Battery, I don't have 1. I did a search threw the old post and can't find what im looking for. Is there a certain type of battery I need to look for to run the lights and the troll motor? I hooked it up to my truck battery and it ran fine out of the water. I have some truck/car batterys, could I use 1-2 of these or do I have to buy a specific type to be on the water with?

    Does anyone know a good beginers navigation site. I have the flag with the circle and square, the red and blue light but I need to read up on the where/what/how to use these before I take the boat out and do somthing wrong and 1 of you guys wants to hit me with a brick:( . Everything im finding seems to be really advanced or on much bigger vessles then mine.

    I'm about 1/2 way done redoing the boat and would like to take it out as soon as I get it done, just dont want to go out and have no clue what im doing :) so thanks in advance on any advice you can give.
  2. You only need the lights if you are running after dark, but you also need a white light on the stern (back) too. Don't forget the air horn or whistle, life jackets, fire extinguisher, at least one oar and a throw cusion (floating) with rope. Not sure about the length, but 50' is plenty. As far as the battery goes, you're better off with a deep cycle trolling battery. A car battery will run the motor for a while, but they can't take the recharging like a deep cycle can and they won't run the motor as long. A first aid kit is also a good idea. It isn't required, but you will probably want to get a small anchor too. The type will depend on where you will be fishing. Of course you can make your own with some quickcrete, an eye hook and a small coffee can. You'll also want a short dock rope to tie off with. ODNR should have information about the safety requirements too so you might want to check their web site. I think I hit most of the required items, but I'm doing this from memory so I may have forgot something. Hope this helps.

  3. I bought my first boat 5 or 6 six years ago & knew almost nothing at the time. I'm no expert but here's a link to Ohio Div. of Watercraft site.

    Click Ohio Boating laws then on next page there is a link to request a printed copy. Not sure if it's free but probably. I go to their headquarters here in Columbus where they have lots of pamphlets that covers what's legal & general boating knowledge.

    This site taught me more then any other source. There are many sites sharing knowledge. Try Google.

    I did learn that automotive batteries don't hold up to marine use. Not heavy duty enough for the ride. Can be dangerous to use. Search the posts in this forum & you'll learn lots.

    Good Luck.


    P.S. Don't believe that "happiest days in a boat owner's life is when he gets rid of it" crap people will say to you. I gave away my first boat due to purchase of newer, not needing to be completely rebuilt, boat & it was sad to see it go.
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    First, thanks for the quick responce I have everything listed but the throw cousion, will have to get 1 of those.

    as far as the battery, when your talking about the recharging do you mean it won't go dead/reacharge a lot of times? I have that outboard motor and I dont think theres anything in the boat to recharge the battery as im trolling or whatever. I just figured you charged up the battery @ home, went fishing, took it home put it on the charger. Am I missing somthing that should be rechargeing the battery as im using it?

    ok car battery is out. So I need a "Deep Cell" battery. Ill stop wally world/auto zone tomorrow to see what they got. TY for the link fisher, going to read it now.

    Sorry for the simple questions, but im totally new to this and am clueless.
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    for the battery,go to walmart and get one of the everstart marine(deep cycle)batteries.great bang for the buck.always charge immediately after use.DO NOT run trolling motor unless it's in water.
    for safety gear,approved life jackets,orange distress flag.depending on boat,a fire extiguisher,but even if not required,get one.anchor/rope.paddle is handy but not required.whistle is optional.lights optional,but required for night.
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    I received a pretty decent Ohio boat operating guide from the DMV. They will hook you up if you want to read up on laws and the ways of the boater! Some good info in it.
  7. I had the DNR send me the boating home safety course. Took the 100 questions test, sent it back to the DNR and got a boaters safety card in the mail. It's not a required course but sure I sure learned alot. I'm a first time boat owner too.

    Just a reminder:

    Ohio law places restrictions on boat and PWC operation for those born on or after January 1, 1982 AND on youth operators. Boaters born on or after January 1, 1982, must complete either a boating course or a proficiency exam in order to operate a boat powered by more than 10 horsepower.
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    thats kinda funny, I had both my fishing buddys (neather have ever owned a boat) over the house and was going over unloading/loading to get it down. Told them both we got to get good at this so we dont piss people off at the ramp.

    Thanks for all the replies, Im going to try to get that safty card from ODNR so at least I will feel more confident taking it out. Now if I can just learn to catch fish ill be all hookd up :)
  10. I thought you were linking him to the post about Misfit forgetting his drain plug. :eek:

    I think most guys have covered just about everything you need to know. By the way the guys around here won't throw a brick at you they just sink your boat with you in it. :D

    A little advice I can give you. When retrieving your boat from the water, the trailor goes in the water also. You DON'T dock the trailor like you do a boat. It will be 1 million times easier to get the boat on the trailor when it's in the water. I found that out from personal experience. :D

    No matter how good or bad your first experience goes take something from it that you can laugh at. That's what I've done and have been able to enjoy my boating experiences.
  11. When you read through the safety requirements listing that someone posted earlier be sure to pay attention to the distinction made between boats under 16' and those over. There are some items that are required on the larger boats but not on the smaller. For instance the throwable flotation device (cushion) is not a requirement on the smaller boats although as Misfit said it is a good idea. Also, a fire extinguisher and whistle are not required on the smaller boat. Here is the breakdown of what is needed.
    Required Safety Equipment
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    on that page it has:

    Everyone onboard a personal watercraft must wear a properly fitted type 1/2/3 personal flotation device.

    Do I have to insist everyone wear a vest? I have fished near the ramps and seen boat loads of people in boats 90% naked with no vest. I understand I need to have 1 for everyone in the boat, but am I going to get a fine if there not wearing them? Seems a little silly to me, just thought id ask.

    PS: ill make sure im not 1 of those 90% naked people, noone wants to see that.
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    No. By personal watercraft they mean a Jet-Ski/Seadoo type of thing.
    When in a boat you just have to have them available, not worn all the time.
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    they don't have to be worn by everyone,,but accessible.but the do have to be worn at all times by age 10 and below.
  15. I started with a 14' semi-v that I still use on in-land lakes. We always used the life jackets as a cushion to sit on and never had a problem and we were checked many times through the years.

    Good luck and enjoy your new boat!!