Firewood and the Emerald Ash Borer.

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  1. We are taking the kids to East Harbor next weekend for a weekend of camping. With the firewood quarantine going on are you allowed to take firewood to the park as long as it stays in the quarantine zones? Meaning. I live in Erie County. The quarantine is in Erie and the county East Harbor is in.Not sure whats it called. Is it ok to transport firewood threw the quarantine county's as long as you stay out of the uninfected countys? What about if NONE of my firewood is ash wood? Is it ok to transport then? I just can't see paying $25.00 for a arm full of wood around the camp sites when I got all the wood I need here.

    Here is a link of the quarantine counts.
  2. If you keep the wood inside the quarintine zone you are fine. It does not matter what kind of wood, ash or not you cannot move it out of the quarintine zone. I believe it is set up that way for people who can't tell oak or other species from ash.

  3. thanks swantucky. thats how I was understanding the rule also. After I posted I did see where it said ash and "hardwoods".
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    from what i have seen ,most state parks do not let you bring in your own firewood??
  5. It is illegal to take firewood from an area within a quarantined zone to a area out of a quarantined zone. (More info in the link below from ODNR and Ohio Dept of Agriculture.) The way I understand the law is that if the wood originates in the OK zone it can be transported to another unquatantined area, as long as it doesn't pass thru a zone that is off limits. I believe wood can be transported within a quarantined zone, as long as it doesn't pass thru unquarantined areas.