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Fired up the airbrush...

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by vc1111, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Clean foil work. Foiling is time consuming but it always looks so good!
  2. silver shad

    silver shad The Walleye Troll


  3. Thank you Vince and Silver Shad. It was a fun bait to build. I have developed a love/hate relationship with foil. It's tedious but rewarding. Transparent paints over foil look awesome IMO. Here are a couple more pics I took outside today.
    foiled perch7.jpg foiled perch6.jpg
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  4. Bait making has led me into some unusual project requests. Recently I've been asked to carve a Rice Krispie fish base for a cake topper, and paint a walking stick in a snake pattern. A few toothpicks and a bit more shaping and the fish looked pretty good. It was 14 inches long. :D
    rice krispie fish.jpg
    The snake is still a work in progress. It's a stick cane that a man used for a long time. It had to be stripped from years of staining. This was a first attempt at a copperhead pattern, but I'm not thrilled with it. I was given full creative license on the snake, and may go more dramatic such as a banded King snake? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    cane.jpg cane2.jpg cane3.jpg cane5.jpg
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  5. I got a kick out of reading this! I bet the Rice Krispie fish was a big hit. My grand-daughter would love that!
    The snake is beautiful. I think I might try to hit the back of it with a copper tone, or even some type of transparent color to differentiate the back from the belly. The detail in that really pops though. You could easily leave it as is.
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    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    A new Vince post! I took a stroll down memory lane and read the first 30 pages of this thread. I love reading about your bait building and the details that go into the process. I also miss hearing about you and Larry adventures on Westbranch, Leesville and elsewhere.

    I hope you're both well and having a great season.
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  7. Thanks! I've been doing very little fishing so far this year, but I hope to have more to write about soon. My boat needs some work and it will be a while before I can get it scheduled for repairs.

    I'm at a bit of a stand still with the building but I still have about 15 baits underway.
  8. Thank you Vince! I ended up repainting another copperhead pattern on the cane, which turned out better than the 1st attempt. This one is darker on the back with less spacing between the rings. The eyes are gold foil. It was a fun project.
    cane8.jpg cane12.jpg cane10.jpg cane11.jpg
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  9. Starting to get a few more baits moved to the finishing bench. I have a number that I'm hoping to get wet and muskellunge approved before the season ends this year. image.jpeg
  10. Another beautiful bait Vince! I love the gill plates and use of color on this one.
    Here is a 6 inch cedar bait that I recently finished. This color scheme is one that I have painted a lot on my smaller bass baits and I wanted to make a larger one. Still messing with the weighting and different lips on these.
    musky baits5.jpg
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  11. Vince, Small Mouth Shad?
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  12. Hey Vince ole buddy, we used to chat quite a bit on TU. Your baits are still stunning!!!
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  13. Steve, I pulled that pattern out of nowhere. Just started and let it go. It went in the mail quick.
  14. Hey, T, great to hear from you. You building anything?
  15. No, haven't been to the cave in quite some time now. Six years plus since I've built any issues. Good to go now, but haven't got the unction or gumption to start up again. ;-)
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  16. Great looking baits airbrushing skills look top notch.
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  17. image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Finished and tested. 9 inch Slopehead in Alakan yellow cedar. Once in a great while you get one that has a special action and this is one of them. I was really happy with it.
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  18. I arrived at the ramp at West Branch Sunday and I was anxious to hit the water. Battery then decided that it had given me all that it had and it was not going to give any more. Had to get a jump to lower the motor....after puling the boat out...on a CRAZY Sunday at the ramp. Found a nice guy who gave me a hand and lowered the motor.

    Launched and soon realized that with a dead battery you also have .... NO depth finder. Now, I know the bottom at West Branch as well as the next guy, but the weed lines around the points are a moving target from year to year so it was frustrating to try to run anything resembling a tight trolling pass without electronics.

    I did my best. And as I did, I got to thinking...a lot... about how good we have it these days.

    In my father's time, they were thankful to have ANY boat, even one with those old smoking, choking 2 cycle motors. They had no padded, form fitting, hydraulic pedestal seats, no fancy flat vinyl or carpeted decks. They had no tunable bottom finders that could also mark bait schools and stumps. They had little knowledge as to whether the bottom was rock or mud. No gps. No onboard stereo or rod lockers, no windshields or live wells. The only "data" you get about fishing conditions was from the guy behind the counter at the bait shops. No internet. No radios talk to other fisherman, no smart phones.

    I fished with Larry in his dad's boat when I was barely 15. Im 65 now, but I clearly remember it like it was yesterday.

    What a thrill it was for us when his dad gave us permission to go out by ourselves on that old leaky wooden boat on Pymatuning...only after a stern safety lecture, of course. We'd throw worms and minnows under bobbers the size of an orange, and we'd savor every "nibble" between eating sandwiches and cracking jokes and practicing our finest repertoire of cuss words. We sat on stiff hardwood bench seats and every now and then we'd have to reel the lines in and grab the coffee cans to bail out the water that constantly seeped in between the ancient wood staves of that heavy old tank of a boat.

    But we loved it all. Every minute. And we never wanted it to end. It was almost easier somehow, because we naturally expected less and by default, we kept it simple.

    Today, if we get skunked musky fishing, we're somewhat surprised. With all the info and gear and the access to great lures and techniques, we have come to pretty much expect to tangle with the most magnificent of all freshwater beasts at least once on most days.

    But back then...those were the good old days. And today...these are the good old days. And I hope they never end.. But as I grow older, I know that one day they will. And that's ok. God has been good to Larry and me. I wouldn't change a thing and I know Larry wouldn't either. We gave it hell.
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  19. Another great looking bait Vince. Those slopeheads look like they could be a challenge. The line tie placement and centerline seems like it would have to be spot on perfect for those to perform well.
  20. IMG_2916.JPG IMG_2915.JPG
    New model and fresh off the finishing bench. From cedar; 8.5 inches. Yet unnamed profile in Cartoon Perch pattern. Testing for musky approval at Milton today.