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    i caught the tail end of a fishing show segment the other day where they were talking about fire line.they were fishing for crappie,using spinning reels?rods and using jigs.the guy stated that he didn't get the usual line twist with fire line that he gets with regular mon line.just curious if this is true.if so, i'm going to switch lines this year on the reels that i use to jig with.
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    It has been true for me. I have been using it to jig with for about 5 years now.

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    While Fireline definatey has it's qualities, I still use smaller diameters for crappie and such, it also has flaws. I used to use it exclusively until it chased me to braided line in larger diameters.. Fireline, to me, has a very peculiar almost 'brittle' problem. After too many cast off lures, and too many snapped off fish I finally gave up. If you kink or abrase this line forget it, it's done. If you, on your retrive, pull your lure off the surface and wind your line around the tip you better cut it off and re-tie. If you don't you will cast off on your next cast. I tend to be lazy, and not perfectly focused, so for 6lb and larger this is the wrong line for me. Just my two lincolns.
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    it's true that fireline will not twist like mono,but i like 6 lb. mono for jigs and most other baits for with all lines,it has it's pros and cons for different applications.i do use fireline for vertical jigging or casting blades and spoons for crappies though.
  5. ...Well guys ... I am a believer in FireLine Most of my rods have it on... I just bought a new Browning Rod and Reel and the first thing I did was to spool it with !0 lb. Fireline...I have done everything you could do to it and problems...No one can change my mind....I have hooked stumps and moved the boat with it ...and I have a 16 ft. Tracker and it an't light...Some people swear at it and other people swear with it......untill it fails me I love it...
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  6. Prior to heading for the Western Basin this weekend I stripped off myfive year old 10# test Fireline which was reversed after two years and still looked good other than having lost all it's color. This line was used for vertical jigging, pump casting as well as trolling for saugeyes on inland lakes. Never experienced any of the previously described problems. I am so impressed with Fireline when I want a more bouyant braided line that I respooled with Fireline Crystal. I also use Power Pro when I want a less bouyant braided line and have had no problems with it.
  7. ...Shortdrift....I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to my Fireline....done the same reversed it looks good for a while...never had a problem with it....looks terrable when it loses it's color...I just spooled my new Browning Reel with Crystal....Fireline forever for me...
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  8. ive been using fireline since it came out. i personally love it ive never had anything go wrong with it. ive only had it break on me one time and i had 10lb test and a 25lb carp. but it rubbed on some metal on a dock and cut it. but anyway i couldnt tell ya how many times ive straightened out hooks that were hung up pulled my boat with it and i had it wrapped up in a prop of a 9.9 while trolling once and never broke. i have 10lb fire on my erie rods and 4lb on my crappie and gill rods. i love it.
  9. jeffmo

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    thanks guys!
    i'm gonna spool it up on my spinning rods this year and give it a shot.
    i like using a spinning rod much more than any other but last year while we were smallie fishing in dunkirk my line was giving me fits.we'll see how it goes this time.
    i thought i'd ask here first usual,good advice
    thanks again!
  10. carxman17

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    I also love braided line for crappie fishing. I use it for bobber fishing with live minnows & also jigging. I use spiderwire stealth. Ive had it on my reels for years. I works great holds up well & is alot cheeper than fireline.
  11. carxman17 - What size spiderwire stealth to you use for crappies? Do you use a leader, and if so, what type, size, and length?
  12. soua0363

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    The only problem that I had with Fireline is that I get wind knots on my spinning reels. I like it only my baitcasters though. It flies off the spool and gives good casting distances.
  13. carxman17

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    nixmkt, I use 15 LB test 4lb diam. what I like is when Im slip bobber fishing it is strong enough that I usually straiten the hook instead of breaking off & loosing my whole rig. It also casts great. I usually dont use a leader. I do sometimes use a snelled hook that comes with line on it rarely though.
  14. Thanks carxman17. The 15/4 was what I was thinking about getting. Do you use a leader when jigging?
  15. carxman17

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    no, I probably would but most of the time the water is not that clear where I fish. If I fish clear water I probably would. florocarbon!!!
  16. Thanks for the help carxman17. I used stealth 10/2 jigging thru the ice w/o leader and didn't do very well. Although water was pretty cloudy, maybe 2' visibility, I wondered if should be using a clear leader. Sounds like that wasn't my problem.
  17. carxman17

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    I have never ice fished so I cant speak about that, but I have fished along side my dad who refuses to use braided line because he get tangled up too much and dont see adifference in catch rates. Where do you usually fish for crappie nixmkt??
  18. It's mainly been ice fishing with minnies at mogadore years ago. Just getting back into fishing last year. Going to be trying this spring in portage lakes. Went to Big Daddy's seminar at LBF and I'm anxious to get going. Been shore fishing at Nimisila a couple of times and got skunked. Starting to get boat ready to take out.

    Ice fishing is a blast. Had my best year yet mostly at Miller when you could get out on it. Somewhat made up for nada jigging at Nimi.

    I'm pretty new to this site. We're starting to skew this thread. Hope that's not a problem.
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    nixmkt.......Fireline is one of those products that everyone does not care for it that tries is a big change from mono.....but the feel that these types of lines give you.....cant be matched. If you fish clearer water....give Crystal Fireline the nod....or in other types of water, fish reg Fireline with different pound test leaders of flurocarbon attached, or use, just as is, with no leaders ........the more off color the water the less you need the leaders...For ice fishing they (Berkley) make several micro-ice lines and I have used them and would recommend them highly.... Good luck....and give it a fair shake........Jon Sr.
  20. BlueBoat98

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    I have not used Fireline but I am a big fan of Stealth. I do use a Flouro leader on my jigging rigs at CJ which is actually fairly clear a lot of the time. I found that it greatly reduced my snags on the bottom. I'm still not exactly sure why that is but it's been true for the three seasons that I've used it. It's something about the greatly improved "feel" of what's going on down there. You do have to be careful on your hooksets. Without the stretch of mono you will miss more than you hook unless you just snap your wrist on a pickup.