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Findley reservoir bank fishing

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mountaindew, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Can anybody give me info on the Findley reservoir - which side to fish from, baits to use, etc?

  2. I've always had good luck with leeches under slip bobbers

  3. hi Nightowl,

    1. how far away from the bobber to the hook?
    2. which part of the reservoir is more productive.

    Thank you so very much.
  4. I have decent luck with walleye and white bass by throwing a 3" white twistertail or a white rooster tail parallel to the back. The walleye seem to prefer the lure nearly bumping the rocks, so bring extra tackle. The area that I tend to do best is on the southern end of the lake. Every once in a while I will catch a catfish or a crappie. I think the key is to just keep moving...

    good luck,

  5. you just have to try differant depths. Ive always had good luck on the north and east sides. The smaller resivoir is a good place to try also.
  6. t8km


    I talked to someone a while back and he said that the dike that is common to both resivors is where he has had most of his luck. There is a huge brush pile off one of the garbage cans, thats on the dike, in about 15' of water according to this guy. let me know if you try it !!!
  7. Went fishing on Saturday morning and stayed till noon. Caught are small bluegill and a 20 in flathead catfish. Walked along the banks and caught the catfish at the South east corner of the bigger reservoir, using bobber and night crawler. If stayed longer , probably will catch more at the south part of the bigger reservoir. The boats just beyond the banks caught white bass, walleyes and other kinds of fish. Very beautiful area, and easily accessible from the bank. Again if i had stayed longer into the evening, I'll probably caught more.

    Thanks so very much for all your tips and suggestions. It really made my fishing time enjoyable.