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Findlay State Park

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by big black jeep, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. My family is going to Findlay State Park labor day weekend and I was wondering if anyone has fished up there and could tell me some good spots close to the campgrounds. and tips on what could work would be nice. Also i will be fishing from the shore.
  2. the bluegill fishing at findlay can be very good all around the lake. i have fished it for atleast 6 yrs now at all times of the year and have caught some nice gills and crappie. You should be able to find them around shoreline brush using small jigs and wax worms. Another possibility for ya would be the channel cats in there. bottom fishing baits around the boat launches and the picnic point are all good areas to try. if your after bass, pick another lake. since the introduction of the grass carp the bass fishing has gone down the drain for decent sized fish. hope this helps

  3. I took a boat out there about 5 years ago and remembering the lake being shallow also. Got stuck a couple of times. I have night fished there off the picnic area and did pretty good catching channels...............Rich
  4. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Hay it was nice meeting you at galyans the other day and good luck on the fishing.
  5. irishfisherman

    irishfisherman Da' Irish Guy

    where is Findlay State Park ??? :confused:
  6. Irish...
    It's not where you think. Actually, I think it's spelled Findley. It is in northeast Ohio, near Oberlin, I believe. I used to think the same thing, shouldn't Findlay SP be near Findlay?
  7. Put To Pasture

    Put To Pasture Put To Pasture

    Findley State Park is on Route 58, South of Rt 18. The closest city is Wellington. Crappie, gills, & channel cats are most of what you will find in the lake. There are a few bass but nothing to get excited about or go out of your way to catch.