Findlay Reservoirs

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  1. Any reports from the Findlay reservoirs? I haven't fished them in a few years and thinking of fishing #2 in the next few days. Mainly will be trolling for walleye. Fostoria Veterans Memorial is another choise.
  2. I am new to this forum and boating so I can't answer your question. I am looking for a good place for a first run with my 2 boys and was interested in trying out a reservoir in NW OH. I have an 11' foot plastic hulled boat w/a 5 hp motor and trolling motor. Would you recommend any of the reservoirs you mentioned for a beginner? I want a place that isn't going to be crowded for my first ever launch!

  3. as long as the wind isnt blowing it will be a good place for you. i would hit #1 alittle smaller....ok alot smaller and clear water. they have some big smallmouth in there. as for the walleye fishing in #2. i havent been there yet this year, but every time we go there bass fishing chartruese crankbaits along the rocks on the north end has caught us 8 walleye over 26 inches in the last 3 years. a handful of smaller ones also.
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    sorry but the smaller one has a electric motor only restriction. try your boat on the larger #2 first, they are next to each other. you may want to be careful on a windy day tho, it sets 40 ft high and the wind can fool you. nice launch ramps and for the kids bluegill around the shore. I have been there a bit lately and the fishing has been tough. hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for the tips ress & flippin fool. I am also considering the res. in the Fostoria area and plan on hitting the La Su An areas when I have a chance. I have never fished any of these before even though I have lived in this area all of my life. My little plastic boat is a tri hull KL Industries. If it works out I may buy a real boat someday;)