Findlay Reservoir 1 and 2

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever ice fished Findlay Reservoir. If so, would it be worth a trip from Mogadore? I read a article stating it is good for walleye, perch, and gills. Any information would be appreciated.
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    Good Luck - The 1st time i ever fished it we did well on white bass... after that we haven't caught much up there...

    They are big deep lakes that are clear... Makes it tough to fish ... But if you find them ... The Fish are nice.

  3. They are tough to fish thats for sure. You definately have to be there at the right time on the right day or you may not catch a thing. The flip side is that there are some really nice fish in there. I got out there on the ice just before we got the warm weather and rain that melted the ice off a couple weeks ago but didnt even see a fish anywhere wich is frustrating. Ive heard more success stories from the fostoria reservoirs. Both in findlay ones seem to have huge populations of large catfish , I would consider them to have too many catfish. Just a theory but I believe they keep the perch population down since catfish feed at night and prefer live fish , and perch spend the night hugging the bottom and dont move much. So its easy to see how having way too many large catfish cant make it tough. Its not a good location if you are gonna drive a while to get here. It keeps us locals busy if we are just interested in wetting a line with an occasional good day if we find the fish.
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    I second that!
  5. Thanks for the information. Looks like either Mogadore, or Skeeter this weekend then. At least I should get a few dinks anyway.