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    I've hit #1 and #2 last couple days with NO luck. Been throwing .25oz. jigs and small spinners. Have not tried live bait. Anyone have else any reports, good or bad.
  2. I go to school at the univeristy of findlay and have fished the resovoirs numerous times. Although I have not fished them very hard, I have not had any luck either. I am casting from the banks and I feel that this is not the most productive way to fish these impoundments, do to lack of bank stucture and things of that nature. I have tried just about everything too. I want to go out there at night and try throwing some rapalas and husky's, I have a feeling this may work.

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    Hey there Jim.Welcome to the site:) It is cool to see an Oiler on here. I work at UF in maintenance. I've probably seen you before. As far as fishing Findlay, I haven't shore fished too much. I have mainly fished them from a boat. I think you are on the right track though with the Raps and Husky's at night. We used to troll Rapalas along the riprap at night and crush the 'eyes. But, I haven't fished there in several years. I hope to get out there after work a few evenings. If you have any more ?'s I'll help if I can.Good luck!
  4. By all accounts, you guys are doing right. This time of year is perfect for casting the windblown shorelines at dusk with 1/4oz twisters. Used to have good luck doing it up till 5 years ago. #2 is pretty much a joke anymore. We still do decent from a boat in the late spring/summer for walleye. If you don't mind the drive, try the same techniques at Fostoria #5 and #6. They are stocked with Saugeye and seem to produce better for us.