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Findlay Res.

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bassmaniac, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. bassmaniac

    bassmaniac Fish now, sleep later

    I was wandering if there were any weeds left in the Findlay Reservoir. Haven't been there in a while and was considering going this week-end.
  2. FABA_Guy24

    FABA_Guy24 Bucketmouths Nightmare

    I dont think there are anymore weeds . How long has it been sinced they destroyed them? I know over 6 or 7 years ago.

  3. bassmaniac

    bassmaniac Fish now, sleep later

    What a shame, I guess I don't have to go there now.
  4. bassmanmark

    bassmanmark Workin' is for Suckers

    U don't need those weeds to catch big fish there. Caught over 11lbs there in a tourney last year and 2 were 12" and I missed a 6lber at the boat.
  5. There are some weeds in the old reservoir...#1. If you walk the west side of reservoir #2, heading south towards the old reservoir, where they come together, there are some weeds in the old reservoir at that bend where the two reservoirs come together. I assume it is the northwest corner of the old reservoir.

    I'm not sure what kind of weeds they are, but I hook enough of them fishing from shore with crankbaits to know that they are there!

    ps - I rarely have caught anything there...but I have had good success this summer tossing crankbaits and even tiny torpedos from shore...everything from smallies to white bass, channel cats, and walleyes. When the bite is on, the reservoirs can be fantastic!
  6. Any suggestions for the walleye there? I was planning on going down there with my boat next week for a day trip. I was fishing the reservoirs in that area a good bit through June but had to leave for Hawaii for 2 months for my work (I work construction). I got back last Wednesday and this would be my first time fishing again. Yeah, I know . . . pity me! Believe it or not . . . I would have rather been fishing than be in Hawaii that long! No lie! Anyway, I am sure the pattern has changed since then, so any help to make my trip successful would be appreciated. Feel free to IM me if you like with any suggestions or post them here for everyone. I plan on fishing Res. #1 mid-next week. I just hope I remember how to cast! Thanks to all who respond.