Findlay Res.

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  1. has anyone fished the res. since this last cold spell if so did you do any good and how thick is the ice?
  2. At findley. the water was murky
    the ice looked decent but after doing a check hole it was about 3" to 4"
    that was only 30 feet out, was there to fish wellington which had 5 inch of good ice, but they had a sign that said it was not safe, so we went to the police dept to inquire and they said no ice fishing and they will give you a ticket, oberlin the same scenerio. best ice I've seen this year, so we fished a private pond and caught some gills an bass. just good eaters 7" to 9" (gills) that is.

  3. We have been fishing Lost creek Res. since Mon. Eyes been bitting at daybreak and evening. Blade baits. Ice is 3 to 6 inches thick. Eyes have been 16 to 27inches.
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    We got a few trout today at Lima, Lake. I think blade baits are the only thing I don't have in my box. What kind ya been using?
  5. Jim I make my own Blade Baits. Took me over a year to get them to fish the way I wanted them to. They work real good down here at IL .They are different from any you can buy. I got making them because we lose alot of blade baits down here. Making my own saves alot of money. Just about every thing I fish with I make. I Guess I'm cheep But it is fun too.
  6. Walleyehunter ice at Findlay 1 has 5 to 7 inches of ice Everyone Marking fish not to many on the ice Friday afternoon was out with not even a bit.
    Last Tuesday evening talk to two fisherman west side of Findlay 2 had couple crappies in the area of the floating dock in the summer. Was at Fostoria today (Sat) got our limit on trout and 20 gils 3 of us fishing released as many trout as we caught.