findlay res worth a quick trip?

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  1. I'm going to be in Findlay for a work seminar next week, and will be staying overnight. Are these resivoirs worth a quick trip from the shore (1-2hrs at the end of the day)? If so, is there one or two areas to try as best bets? probably just bringing an ultralight and small selection of jigs, spinners, and cranks.
  2. You can have a good time fishing there even if you dont catch anything , but if you really want to catch somethin then catfishing is your best bet. Findlay isnt known for good fishing lately but some people do walk along the shore casting jigs and catch a few crappie, bass, etc.

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    Fish the back corner between the two at night with husky jerks or shad raps..Eyes are there for the takin...good luck..
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    Thanks for the report! Is that on #2? Past the pump house?
  5. Thanks for the report and advise, including PMs.

    The job I was staying over for got postponed so I spent my evening driving home instead of fishing.