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findlay res. perch ??????

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by LazyBones, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Is anyone catching perch and findlay res. 2 taking out the little lady tommorow. need info thanks.!!!!!!!!!
  2. This from the local paper. I have found these reports to usually be "after the fact" If you can find 'em you should be able to get them on minnows.

    "The local fishing report provided by the Division of Wildlife of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and local staff:

    Findlay Reservoir No. 1 — Yellow perch are being taken on minnows and worms off the bottom. Northeast corner during the first hour of light and last hour before dark are the best times.

    Findlay Reservoir No. 2 — Fishermen are catching channel catfish by drifting and trolling an assortment of live and artificial baits. Large and smallmouth bass are hitting artificial baits around the rip rap.

    Fostoria Reservoir No. 6 — Shore and boat fishermen are catching crappies around the tower by trolling slow or using minnows and worms."

  3. Jim can you or someone give me directions on how to get to fostoria res.#6 i will be coming from Toledo. thanks Walleyehunter
  4. Walleyehunter

    Take State Route 199 or 23 south to Fostoria Take SR 12 west about 1 mile out of town. Look for the Class 8 or Beerco sign, the Res # 6 is to your left
    Boat ramp is on the north side of res. facing route 12 also a parking lot on the East

  5. thanks for the directions Dewey DA i love to ice fish is this a good spot to ice fish if so what do you catch there and where are some of the better spots to fish there? thanks again for the directions Walleyehunter.
  6. Walleye Hunter

    Crappie and gill was taken Fostoria res # 6 threw the ice I fished Fostoria Lamber jack res behind the water works for trout and gills, Findlay res #1 for perch, Beaver creek near Green Springs for eyes and Resthaven for bass threw the ice

  7. Thanks again Dewey DA for the information maybe i'll see you on the ice this season or i could meet you out on the ice sometime most of my fishing buddies don't ice fish i want to find someone to hit the hard water with. thanks again. Larry