Findlay on feb 7 2009

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  1. I got these crappie and gills on findlay. most crappie were 9" to 10" and the gills were around 7"

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  2. Nice catch. You'll be eating good!!

  3. Nice catch , I havent been able to get back out there so Im a bit jealous :)
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    Fish fry !
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    Good job! It looks like you found those darn things. I have had little luck with any keepers out there.
  6. me and some friends got around 25 more tonight did not get pics
  7. Thanks ohiobuck for hooking me up and taking me out there. It was fun. We ended up with 26 crappie and 1 perch. Your estimate was pretty darn good as are your fish catching skills.

    Also thanks for the ride out of crane creek thursday. It was fun pulling my first walleye thru the ice. We should have had more than what we ended up with, but man, some of those bites are quick!

    Thanks again

  8. Nice catch Tim. Bob trying to talk me into going later today with him out there. Maybe if I can finish my Honey-do's first:)
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    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    What? You mean there is fish in Findlay? NO WAY?!
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    Just got a call from a freind that went to #2 around 4 and the fish were REAL active. He said they were hitting minnows and would take them hard. He said minnows were the bait of choice. He landed several crappie and a few perch. He thought he needed a larger hook as they would drop the minnow near the surface. Ice was still holding 10 inchs and very little water on top.
  11. I went back today and got these a few friends took some home too.

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  12. I got 10 crappie and 1 perch. I can't get my photos to upload. Maybe later. I missed about 6 real good bites, but they were fast.

    Thanks again tim.