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  1. Was out last night fishing from the shore/dock and within 2 hours I caught 9 white bass, a bluegill, and a small walleye. I was using small white jigs and for some reason a few of the bass were snagged instead of being hooked in the mouth. I guess they missed the jig but it got them as it passed by. If ya like white bass, right now is a good time to put fish in the cooler after dark. Im hoping the crappie bite will turn on there soon.
  2. I saw you last nigth when we came in with the boat I was in the tracker with two other guys and the boy. We did get A few nice crappies last night so maybe it wont be long now . As for the white bass we could not keep them off the hook.

  3. cool,....If I knew it was you I would have talked a little more. I dont know if I could recognize you again but I'll try to say howdy if I do.
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    Has anybody been doing good on crappies from a boat? if so when... i mite try to go there tues or weds... thanks!