Finding Vietnam Military Veterns

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  1. My Grandfather served as a Corpral in Vietnam/ Camp Lejune, NC from 1963-1967. He died in 1995. I would like to know if there is a way to look up the information on Vietnam Verterns the same way you can look up WWII veterns? My other Grandfather served in Vietnam as well. he was in the Army 1st Calvary 7th division(It is not a mistake, I know it is the Same as General Custards Unit) Both of them were wounded if that helps to find the site. Only the Marine is Desceased and I can get any information from their wives so I can Search. I would like to look them both up but I cannot find out how to. So if any of you guys know a way, it is very much appreciated


    And THANK YOU TO OUR Veterns Who risked their lives for out freedom
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  3. You can also go to your local veterans office in your county. Take along as much information about the veteran as you can. ie: ssn, dates he was in the service or at least years, date of birth, date of death, which branch he/she served in and so on.
  4. Thanks Toxic and walter. He was suffering so it was auctually better. Thats the link I wanted. THANKS A BUNCH
  5. Ive been looking around. neither of them are listed any were on the internet. Is there an purple heart recipents of vietnam list???? or a list of Marines who served 1963-1967 2nd Battalion 4th Marines 3rd Marine Division???? Thanks again
  6. Try your local American Legion, Amvets, or VFW. Also, they both have monthly magazines with a section for people seeking information or reunions. If you really have some time go to your local county recorder's office. I know it was recommended to file my DD214 when I was discharged. It should all be a matter of public record.
  7. Thanks Im going to call the recorders office in PA