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  1. i was just trying to find a place in the columbus area to find some muskie lures all i've found so far are a Dicks..not a great selection,but so far thats it...any help would be great.... thanks....
  2. On Alum Creek there is a little bait shop/pub and they have some. Not a great selection but a few. I think it is called the Cheshire (spelling) Market. They have great pizza and potato skins as well. It is near the bridge just south of the cheshire ramp.

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    Al, it's a bit of a drive but the first place you should go is Buckeye Outdoors in Hebron, Ohio. They have a great selection of baits and actually cater their bait selection more to those who like to troll. They have tons of deep diving crankbaits, Bagleys, Grandmas, Jakes, Depth Raiders, etc. They also have a nice selection of bucktails, spinnerbaits and plastics.

    Next best place would be the Fisherman's Warehouse. I can't recall the exact location, but it is in Columbus. I think it is on the southeast side of town. They have a nice selection of baits.

    Finally, Gander Mountain in Reynoldsburg has a decent selection. It is similar to Dick's in # of options, but I think they carry some different thingst that Dick's doesnt have.

    If you don't find what you are looking for at those three places, then you'll likely have to order it online.

  4. Fishermans wharehouse is on Williams road off of High on the south end.They have a pretty good selection but I am with crittergitter,Buckey outdoors is #1for trolling equipment.
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    Gander Mtn in R-burg has Depthraiders, Shallowraiders, Lil Ernies, Bulldawgs, Hellhounds, small Jakes, and Buchertail bucktails.
  6. Check out R&R Sports Headquarters on Front St/close to downtown. You might be surprised how many musky baits they have when they are mostly a 'live bait' shop.