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  1. after 11 months, i finally get to do some fishing. im coming home on leave from iraq this coming week. its been driving me crazy reading all these reports and not being able to post any of my own. so after a short vacation with the girlfriend, my buddy and i are going to cram a year of fishing into one week. so cross your fingers for good weather, but im pretty sure if a huricane blew in i would still be fishing. if nothing else, i will get to make some real reports instead of asking silly questions and making content-lacking remarks.
  2. Welcome home and thank you for your service. Good luck at the water hole, you deserve to catch many fish!!

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    Good luck with the fishing!
    THanks for serving our country!
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  5. Welcome home and thanks for your service Dougers, it is greatly appreciated. Good Luck fishing..:)
  6. Thanks for YOUR SERVICE!!! Good Luck!
  7. Thank you for your work over in Iraq. Good luck to ya!
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    You Are A True Asset To This Country! I Hope You Catch The Fish Of Your Life This Week!
  9. Thanks for everything you guys are doing
  10. Thanks for everything you guys are doing for this country and keeping our families safe here at home...good luck fishing !!!!!!
  11. Thank you for your service and givin us the freedom to fish.... Tear em up!
  12. Thank you for all you guys do, we are behind you no matter what the media says!
  13. Thanks for your service on this Memorial day. My son is also in Iraq. When he gets home I know he" ain't goen fishen" !!!:D Good luck to you.
  14. Thank you for all your efforts.
  15. Welcome home and may your fishing trips be fitting for a returning solider.

    Thank you for your service. We will always be in your debt.