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  1. captnroger,
    Took some kids to FINALLY take technology to a useful level!!
    Now if they can just implant "personalities" into some of the servers, OR put messages on, such as..."These guys are GREAT tippers! Get over there QUICK!!"

  2. Neat, but I don't go to bars, so it is useless to me.
  3. They should make a home version, where the coaster sends a signal to a bracelet, worn by your wife, alerting her that you need another beer...


    I can get in trouble for saying that:eek:
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i don't need one of bartenders are always watching my mug.when it's down to 2-3 good gulps,i have a fresh cold one waiting :D
    not sure if they like me that much,or just know as long as they keep them coming the more i'll drink and tip :D ;)
  5. peon

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    sounds great but if i'd ask my lady to get me a beer i'd get beaten!!! :(
  6. can you say whipped?? :D

    mine cooks, cleans, washes clothes, and all that good stuff but I can't get her to bring me a beer :eek:
  7. peon

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    i have to say i dont do much of them things your lady does... :eek: