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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by BuckeyeAngler, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. BuckeyeAngler

    BuckeyeAngler Love to be on the Water

    I finally got the carborator on my 9.8 Mercury fixed and I'm hoping to take the johnboat out to Hoover tonight. Wish me luck. I know the motor works at home but sometimes it can be a whole different story when you get out on the water.
  2. What year is the merc, what does it cost to get the carb redone?


  3. BuckeyeAngler

    BuckeyeAngler Love to be on the Water

    1968 merc and I'm unsure of the price for just the carborator (too much) because I had to order a new prop and for a motor that size they are expensive ($107). If I knew what I was doing I would have done it myself. I am guessign it cost around $100 give or take, but my motors running and I can get out on the water. Money grows on trees doesn't it? (I've learned in college that is doesn't)
  4. Darn deer ate my backyard money tree so now I an eating the deer. :p
  5. lol...darn dad was so upset with the deer, he put up this ridiculous fench up.around his garden.. and it was like 10 ft tall half, normal fence and other half was chicken wire...than the old man put up barbed wireon top of that ,,,thats when the homo neighbor called Parma City Hall.. and my dad was forced to take it down...LOL
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