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finally!...the results

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dougers, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. well, im back in the sand, but i had a great leave. after a week in hawaii with the girl, my buddy and i hit the water. only got in four days of fishing, but we made the most of it. i cant bring myself to telling you the names of the places we fished, but most of our fishing was on streams in central and southeastern ohio. we did hit knox lake with ok results. most fish were caught on spinners, poppers and tubes. had a few nice fish around 15 inches, no big ones as most were little scrappers. here are the results for me, my buddy caught around 26 fish or so:

    bass - 72
    sauger - 2
    cats - 1
    broken rods - 1
    falls out of the boat - 1
    paddles - 1
    notice how the number of falls directly reflects the number of broken rods and lost paddles. yeah, i took a spill. here is an equation for you all, im sure some of you have worked this one yourselves. 9" boat+2 people+7 rods+1 battery+1 motor+2 much gear+swift current+2 stream banks = 6,342 cuss words, 28 bird's nests, 15 broken lines, 3 minor injuries, and in my case 1 fall and 1 broken rod. i love stream fishing, but man i think i aged a few years in those four days. anyway, im so glad i got the chance to see my friends and family, but there sure is something special about hooking onto a little smallmouth who thinks he's 2lbs bigger than he really is. i hope you guys' and girls' summer fishing is as great as my little trip.
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    sounds like you were in a bass hunter on the kokosing:p

  3. is that you muck?

    anyone care to tell me how i can post pics within my post?