Finally stuck one ?

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  1. . At 5:00 friday I turned around & 9 point had snuck in & was glued to my scent rag. Easy 10 yard shot with a pass through. This buck slowly turned around & slowly walked away like nothing had happened. He walked about 30 yards & laid down. I had to look at my bloody arrow stuck in the ground to make sure I indeed hit him. I waited a little & it was going to get dark fast so as I climbed down he was trying to get up but couldn't. Went to the truck & called for help. Half hour later we got down to him & he never moved. Not the biggest rack but couldn't pass on his body size. Trying to post pics but not having any luck. Anyone help me out here?
  2. Congrats Bluefinn,Pm sent

  3. Posted for Bluefinn, Very nice Buck,congrats
  4. Congrats! That's a good buck!
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    heck of a nice deer man, congrats!
  6. That's a great deer!