Finally!! Some GMR Saugeye!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by XL506, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Well, I went to the GMR today in search of some good holes, and after about an hour of wading, and walking I come across this huge pool the size of a small lake. I rig up 2 jigheads on my line with 2 orange twister tails ( Tipped with nightcrawlers ) I caught a couple DINKY channel ( like.. 8 inches lol ) and then I ended the night with catching 3 Saugeye. 2, 12 inchers and 1 15 incher. Not that big, but atleast now Ive got a good spot where I know saugeye are present. Im going out tomorrow, but I don't know if Im going to the GMR or what. I wonder if there are any pike in that hole. I reckon there is only one way to find out. Got some pics on the good ole disposeable, when I get they developed I will post them. ( Dang disposables.. lost my digital in kiser lake lol... Anyone wanna sell a nice digi camera? :D )
  2. sounds like u had a good old time :) must have been nice

  3. Hey I work at HHgregg in Beavercreek I got some closeout cams SUPER cheap if you would like one I could hook u up I will be there on Friday I am the Sales Manager