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  1. After yesterdays Indian Lake SKUNK, I headed out today to a top secret location at ALUM CREEK.

    After fishing with a Husky Jerk for 3 hours, I only landed one keeper small mouth bass. Couldn't find any EYES any where. So I headed back, SKUNKED AGAIN.

    On the way back, I ran into another deep pool, and Like BAM! Hit the first good eye of the year. Just under 17 inches. caught it on the HJ. Snagged the HJ next cast, so I switched to a white twister tail on a jig.

    Like magic, I landed two more eyes in a matter of minutes from the same pool. Both where kinda small (around 13 inches) so I let them go. Wish I didn't. Hit two more on back to back cast with a chartruese twister tail. both around 13 inches, So I stringered those up, since those seemed to be the average size Creek Saugeye.

    I told myself, one more, and i have to go. I landed another when I switched back to the White Twister Tail, after 15 minutes passed and no hits on the chartuese. The last eye was easily as big as the first. I thought I had him on the stringer, dropped it in the water, and he swam away. I forgot to close the clasp or whatever it's called:mad:

    threw for another 10 minutes, couldn't get him back. So I headed home, soaking wet for a 45 minute drive. lol

    here's the eyes:

    also bagged a crappie that was a lil over 9 inches. so it was a good day. 6 saugeyes landed, 1 smallie, I crappie, and one of the best looking panfish I've ever seen. Looked like a tropical fish with it's bright colors.
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    Nice fish man. You try the areas I reccomended?
  4. yeah I did!! spots you told me, they produced! that's why it's top secret now!!!! :p
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    nice fish man looks like a better day than what we had at alum lol. now your making me look bad. check your pm's man and nice fish
  6. Guys is this in the creek or the reservoir?
  7. in the creek part. South of Wolfe/Nelson Park and all of that.:B
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    glad to see you don't stink anymore,benny:D
    you did about as good as we did at hoover today.7 or 8 total,with only 2 good keepers over 16:(
  9. yeah. my three keepers are small. 17, 13 1/2 and 13. Creek Eyes aren't as big as lake eyes:p

    they're for sure super thin, almost thought they were saugars at first.
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    misfit MOD SQUAD'll learn:D
    lots of hawgs come from creeks.even world records;)

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    I'll tag on to this and hope I don't get accused of a hijack...

    I put my kayak in on Alum today above the confluence of 3 Creeks. It looked sweet with some nice pools and timber, but I could not scare up anything but a pretty good size rock bass under the Williams road bridge. I was pretty impressed with the water clarity there because I could identify the brand of the beer cans to a depth of three feet.

    I switched to a finesse worm from my Mepps spinner when I got to the confluence and caught a couple of little smallies up the nut a few yards. Then I caught a couple of largemouth around where Blacklick enters...10" and 13". I was getting pretty discouraged, but then I got a smallmouth that was close to 18" on that same worm just south of the confluence. That one fought like hell on my little five foot rod and towed me around a bit.

    Then I watched a little saugeye tear the tail off of the worm, and I switched to a 3" twister. That produced a saugeye in the same area that was probably longer than the smallie, but it got off just as I reached for it.

    The trip back up was a bitch because I had to get out of my sit-in about eight times. Although, it was really cool as I sat in one deep pool and watched about a dozen 10--15lb carp just having a party beneath my yak.

    I got started late and wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the creek, but I will be back and the fish better watch out....I don't even want any info on Mushijobah's double secret spots...I'm going to figure them out and do even better than him. I would not even read a pm of his if he sent one...
  12. not much of a secret to tell you the truth. While I was wading, I could see DOZENS of little saugeyes dancing around in alum creek. It just takes a while to find deep enough water to find bigger Eyes.

    Just use anything that swims against the bottom, find deep pools in Alum Creek, slam some eyes!!!!!!
  13. they will. frying them tomorrow with some crappies/panfish from the previous time out, and two 12-14 inch smallies. It's goin' be a good lunch tomorrow.
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    I've never floated any of that system over there... but I know what a bitch trips back up can be. I did a few miles down the Darb over the weekend... felt like 10 going back up.
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    just kidding about the double secret stuff...i've fished a couple of creeks in my day

    and, my bad....nice eyes!...I'm sure they will taste great. As maligned as that watershed is, it looked really clean except for the litter. I saw tons of healthy little critters swimming around, including some bass fry. I will probably bring a stringer the next time I go.
  16. I caught my PB yesturday when i was fishing with my dad and little brother it was a 19 incher caught on 4 lb test it was a fun fight. Caught it in Alum Creek
  17. no worries! I was far from offended! lol

    Like you said. The water was glass clear today. Made it easy to spot all the deep blue pools. Amen on the bass. I had around 5 smallies approach my Husky Jerk. But for some reason, they would stop their strike just short of my bait.... Next time I'm bringing two rods. One with a twister tail for the eyes in the deep pools, another with a spinner bait:p
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    They didn't eat the husky because they knew you would eat them!! LOL. There is no real secret to Alum. It's a nice stream north and south of bexley, with a few great spots within the city itself. There are many problems with it pollution wise, but with a healthy flow of ground water, it is still allowed to grow some decent fish.

    Mushijobah's Alum Creek tip of the day: Lower Alum (3 creeks park) will produce the most toothy critters.
  19. Just ate the Saugeyes Up. OH MY!!!! They are mighty tastey. is tastey a word... nevermind. Seriously some of the best local fish I've ate in years. Comparable to small mouth bass, but sweeter, and a little more game tasting than walleye.