Finally, Over the 10 # Mark

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by MuskieJim, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. MuskieJim

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    This year's been great in terms of numbers, however, I've been having trouble landing a BIG fish. I've caught about 100 steel this year, all somewhat average fish. FINALLY, yesterday caught this nice female. Weighed between 10 1/2, 11; something like that. Good fishing everyone!! Just thought I'd share.

  2. Nice fish! Congrats on breaking into double digits!

  3. fugarwi7

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    I am not sure which is bigger, the fish or that smile on your face! :D

    WTG..nice job on a sweet fish!!
  4. Nice job. I posted the same exact thing this year and was told by some posters on here that the reason I am not catching that many big fish anymore is because I have "reached my peak" as a steelheader and I'm a "subpar steelheader". :)
  5. Great lookin, heathly fish right there!
  6. Yep, unless you average 15-20 steelhead per outing you suck! :)
  7. NICE steel MuskieJim!

    uh-oh im in trouble then :D

    i think you guys are right i havent been out all that much this season but even when i was hittin it hard early off the wall i wasnt seein or catchin any big fish
  8. Thats not a Muskie??
    You're going to have to change your name - I'm confused?? :confused: :p
    Nice fish !! :D
  9. MuskieJim

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    Haha! Yeah, there's not too many muskies biting right now, especially not near home. I'm thinking about keeping a few 20 inch steelhead to use for bait in the spring! (THAT WAS A JOKE FOR ALL OF YOU LAW ABIDING FISHERMAN, I KNOW YOU CAN'T USE GAMEFISH FOR BAIT). But on a serious note, last year during spring we were fishing a deep hole near some nice spawning ground and witnessed steelhead fleeing for their lives as a 36-40 inch ski was just chasing them like crazy! No where to run!
  10. yea the bigest for me this year is 8.8lbs man i have to disagree with you guys about the big fish cuz every time i go out i hook on to some easy 10 lbs just they break me of after about 3 mins of fighting them i mean all the the fish this year for me have been in the 6 1/2 lb range but i think this year has some of the biggest fish i have seen in the river i fish but thats just me and congrats on the nice fresh fish
  11. 15 - 20 ?!?!! If I catch more than none I've had a good outing. More than 2 a great outing.More than 6 my personal [solo] best fantastic!!! More than 18 best trip ever & ever.I have hooked 12 -13lbers but never landed[touched] any of them. Thanks for sharing that beautiful fish with us ;)

    2008 totals
    Steelies - 2
    Suckers - 1
    Bluegills - 1
    Glove - 8
    River Chub - 1
  12. DanAdelman

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    ya the big fish were there this season i had like six break off on lightly set drag using #6 gamma... put stronger line on and never got out again kind of depressing but whatcha going to do....
    nice fish and congrats... they can only keep getting bigger for you now... popped the cherry.... sucks it wasn't earlier in the season would of probably gave you a heck of a fight...
  13. I am just working on 15-20 per year. As long as you are having fun, you are a great fisherman!