Finally LANDED my first Steelhead!!

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by dday, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. After missing two rather large steelheads.... (one of which touched my boot, and Bob had a hand on it, still broke my line) I finally landed my first Steelhead!!!

    We were trying black buggers all morning, and for the heck of it I changed to a black/red/white clouser minnow, and second cast, fish!!! After losing it, literaly a foot from me (man it was a nice fish), tied on another minnow, 3rd cast, fish!! that broke too!!! (i think my leader was too small, or i was just not ready for that!).

    Moved back to our first spot and finally, landed the fish!!!

    Here are the pics, from my camera!


    and here is a pic of Bobby's steelie!

    BTW.... we fished a private creek, not bad when the rest of the rivers were all flooding!!
  2. Congrats! Welcome to the club! There's only one way out.....

  3. Dday,

    Glad you got this posted. Made my day to have you get your first. You all should have seen the size of the one I caught in the same pool. It was HUGE! What do you think don, creek chub or baby steelie? Fun day, quiet, I myself had one hookup and lost it. Steelie in the pics was from Monday. Nice size, great color. Nice job Don. Now if we can only figure out how to do the same closer to home (Rocky)!
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    Gratz on the your first steel!
  5. congrats on your first fish you'll be hooked now.
  6. Hopefully more to come for you! Nothing like hooking into the first one.
  7. fishing pole

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    Nice fish .....long time no see......have to fish together again. Congrat and keep it far as the Rocky goes just keep trying. Like everything ya get better with age.
  8. Nice fish hope you get some more :)
  9. gsteel

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    Imagine that, somebody actually showing joy in a pic. Thats what I am talking about. I can see happiness, not just a mug with a fish showing off. Congrats and thanks for sharing your pics with me. You made my day. Keep up the good work.
  10. Congratulations dday! Nothing like the excitement of finally landing that first steelie. I wish you many more and hope that they all bring you the same kind of joy. To those still trying to get their first...keep at it, persistence pays off.

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    Congrats on landing your first!
  12. Way to go....You SHOULD be smiling. Gsteel is right...too often, we see pics of folks all "stonefaced". You were happy & we all knew it just by looking at the picture.
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    nice job. now all your going to be saying from the end of April until the middle of September is "Are the steelhead running yet?" :D
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    Way to go dday. I still remember catching my first bullet on the fly and it’ll stay with you the rest of your life. Remember, the only cure for the fever you caught is to catch some more.. Welcome to the sickness.
  15. Terrific steelhead!! congrats on being your first nothing like hooking up the first time on a fly rod, keep the pics coming.
  16. Thanks guys... You don't know how many years I've been tying flies, and getting out the river on my days off, just to see it brown and flying fast... So to be able to go with Bobby to a creek, and catch it on a clouser I made, it's priceless.

    And I made more clousers, cause the red was the ticket that day! ha.

    Fishing pole, been a while, we have to get out again! of course that means I have to be able to get out when the river isn't the size of the lake!!!

    Thanks again guys, more pics when i catch them!!
  17. I was hoping you would say that!

    That's just one of the issues. At least you don't have to talk about an imaginary girlfriends!
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    Good job guys, the time is coming to stash the fly rods and bust out the trolling rods, talk to you soon, Kevin
  19. Way to go DDay ! ! ! ! ! Congrats ! ! ! !
    Don't you believe him! ! ! ! Still plenty of time to catch #2, 3, 4 , 5 ,....;)
  20. thanks bobby.... yeah kevin, the gear is ready, and the secret shipment of upgrades will be at my house thursday.... cough, cough, bobby did you catch that?

    I love flyfishing the best, but i'm very quickly learning to love erie/walleye fishing, that's for sure!!