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Finally..... its almost time for good food and red faces

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TheSonicMarauder, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. TheSonicMarauder

    TheSonicMarauder Yes i slept on the couch


    beautiful aint they? cayenne peppers.... almost ready to be picked and then either canned or dried... not to mention daring contests between friends ;)

    anyone want some? i have some to spare... the three plants produced a good amount of peppers... i know they are green, they arent "fully" mature yet. however they are ready to be picked and used in some recipes.... they are very nutritional in the current green form, however they will not be as hot as they will be when they finish maturing due to the fact that the plant hasn't produced much capsaicin(the stuff that makes peppers hot). but dont be fooled... there is still enough capsaicin there to pack a wallop... im still feeling the one i tried saturday lol.... and the groundhog that tried to grab a snack from my garden had a smoke trail behind him ;) muahahahahaha...... i dont use pesticides at all on the plants so they are clean and you wont cause you to sprout a third arm or anything :D

    come on my pretties.... turn red.... yer gonna make this winter a flavorful one ;)

    i can spare about a dozen or so if anyone wants some.... just send me a pm and ill let ya know when they've ripened
  2. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    Hey Sonic, where the heck have you been????

  3. TheSonicMarauder

    TheSonicMarauder Yes i slept on the couch

    i ask myself that question alot lol...... actually i havent been feeling well lately and ive had 2 close friends die this month, my friend Cara died on the 5th and my friend Dave Starkey died this past wednesday... so i been dealing with that and ive also been trying to get stuff ready for school and what not..... :-\

    its been all kinds of stressfull around here this month
  4. Good to see you back Sonic. Hope your feeling better. Sorry you lost your 2 friends. Keep your head up buddy. Those peppers look awesome. I've never seen them caned before. If you can some post a pick so I can check them out.
  5. Too bad I don't have any pictures of my patch to share. I have been harvesting reds for several weeks now and have gotten tons of them. I have taken them to work to give away as well. My wife always asks why I have to raise them because there are so many of them and besides she does not eat them.:rolleyes: I use them in my salsa recipes and beyond that it is mostly just keeping them for seasoning. They dry very nicely. There is nothing to drying them. Basically just lay them out on a dry surface and they will dry up completely. They retain their kick however throughout the drying process and make a great spice to have in the winter to toss into chili or whatever.
  6. cayenne?! c'mon, those are girl peppers! where's the habanero?!

    i love my habs, make a great sauce out of them. (and a less-hot version for you...cayenne-types out there). ;)
  7. Yeah, I have never done the habaneros yet. I thought about giving them a try next year.
  8. it's an awesome chile. dangerously hot but if you know what to do with them they're incredible. great citriusy flavor that can be brought out with the right ingredients. plus, i smoke them for my, oh man. :D
  9. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Caution, not for kids. Jose rocks!!!! Raider
  10. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF


    danger...danger...danger...stay away from those freeking things....oooooooweeee...i canned some salsa a few years back and for a little kick we put a few habs in it..ended up just tossing out the whole batch..too hot for anyone to eat. i even tried to use the salsa in some chili, still too hot.. no thanks, ill stick to the girl peppers.....:p
  11. Yeah, needless to say if I get one plant I will have way too many of the habaneros.;) I imagine less than 1 per quart in salsa will have a pretty major kick.
  12. you gotta know how to use 'em! i will make a dozen bottles of sauce and give a bunch away.,..everyone comes back asking for more. gotta love that. :D
  13. How do you make your sauce if I may ask? I may try to make a bit using my cayennes. I am running out of ways to use them.:rolleyes:
  14. my recipe is very specific to habs, it wouldnt work with well with cayennes.

    i have a friend who makes a great cayenne sauce - i'll ask him. you could also google some hot sauce recipes - there's tons out there.
  15. he tells me his sauce is "salt, vinegar, garlic, roasted cayenne and a roasted tomato" he didnt have the amounts with him but you can get that from any basic cayenne sauce recipe.
    the key is roasting the veggies over and open flame - preferably wood, not gas.
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  16. I did find some sauce recipes and I might have to try one. So are you talking about roasting them to blister and peel?
  17. yup. if you can get them a little charred, all the better. dont peel anything, that's where all the roasted flavor is hiding. in the end, you want a sauce that's got some black flecks floating in it.

    don't forget, cooking them kills a lot of their heat - so as a result you might need more peppers (or throw a few raw ones into the blender).
  18. Pike


    I tried growing some jalepenos this summer and the plants did not produce many peppers any of you try and grow them indoors over the winter?
  19. really?! my jalapeno plants when nuts this year!

    never tried it indoors, i've talked to people who've done it...just never tried it.
  20. Both my jalapenos and cayennes have been going nuts and still are. I have 4 plants of each and have had so many that I have given away bags of them a few times as well as having my own. I just picked about another 3-4 dozen cayennes last night which seemed to only make a small dent in what is there (other are still green or mostly green). I even still have bloom coming on. My jalapenos (4 plants) have been producing for about a month and they still have a bunch left on them. I am maturing a lot of these to reds. I don't think there is any more bloom on them so this may be the last run on them although they have some time to go until they turn red.