Finally hit the LMR

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  1. I hit the LMR today and man am I glad I did! I went targeting smallmouths but unfortunately I didnt get one, but Im glad to say I did manage 4 sauger(10-13 in range) and a 4 lb sucker of some kind.

    Overall I was pretty happy. I did have one bite from a Smallie but I didnt get him in :( . Im also happy to say that I found this place to fish(although it is public) all by myself and was very happy to catch some fish on a spot that I found by just exploring!!

  2. Sounds like a good night!!!... the smallies are definitely on and off right now... Saturday Young whiskers and I caught about 50 smallies.....but i went out the other day and only got 1........ But i do manage a sauger about every other time i go.... not targeting them...
    give it time... they should
    turn on!! GL

  3. Yeah I was really hoping for a smallie but thats ok, at least I caught fish. All fish were caught using a chat/orange jig and grub. Young and his dad told me I should have that color combo so I got some and Im glad I did!!!
  4. LMRsmallmouth

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    confucious says: "fish with dink bait all day and you will catch dinks all day"
    lol....cant believe you didn't switch up off that weecraw after just catching dinks....especially with your great soft plastic skills....hehe.
    I am glad you didn't switch off though :)
    I was thinking of the last weekend in June for another tourney...what do you think?
  5. It is always fun to find a nice new spot on your own and learn to fish it with success. I had that experience with my Dad earlier this year and we plan on fishing the area we "discovered" quite a bit this summer to continue to develop our knowledge base on the overall river system as a whole.
    Glad you had a good day!