Finally got some blues!

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  1. After 3 years of fishing the river, I finally took some blues yesterday with my buddy Matt ( Real RiverKing ) We launched out of Schmidt at sunup and fished until about 1:00, Fished fresh,frozen and live shad, frozen skippies and started drifting some deep outside bends.

    First fish was the best of the day, a 17 lb blue,

    Then Matt took a 13 lb Flatties ( yes, drifting)

    and then later I took a 8 Lb Blue

    we also had a double on with Blues of 13 lbs and 7 lbs, and then later I took a 5 lb blue didnt get pics of them. It certainly was windy but worth it to get aout 63 lbs of fish, bummer we were not fishing any tourneys this week...:(

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    nice fish guys looked like a good time.

  3. Nice fish guys. Should of fished a tourny with those weights. Best i heard of all weekend.
  4. Nice bunch of fish! Congrats on a great outing.