finally got one! - 17 caliber Mach 2

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  1. after about 6 weeks of dealing with FBI (delayed because I am foreign and travel abroad too often) I finally got my Marlin 917 Mach2

    I can imagine I got one of the very last in stock, plus it was on sale for $159. I added Tasco 6-24*40 scope (on sale for $60) and nice rings. I got the rings for free, because gander had only silver and I needed black, so they gave me the silver for free.

    Well, I took this setup to a range and I love it! It is absolutely great, shoots like a laser. I wish more people would get into M2 - it works almost as good as 17 HMR but you can get the ammo online for less than $4 (I got it for $3.6) for 50 rounds. HMR is usually around $10, or $20 in GM.

    Trurly, great caliber, get it while you still can!
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    good to hear! what kind of groups are you getting greg?

    you'll be able to take that squirrel hunting this fall!

  3. well, the guy at GM did not tight up (sp?) the windage adjustment knob's screws and I could not adjust the windage, only the elevation. So i was shooting about 5 inches to the right at 50 yards. I thought the windage knob is broken completely, but I later was able to fix it easily at home.

    So, to be hones, I could not check the group size, but the good guys at rimfire central site get less than 1 inch at 100 yards with similar setup.

    I am going to the range again soon. I should mention - I was at Big Darby range in west jefferson, nice place, nothing fancy, but good enough.
  4. Glad to hear it all worked out for you, I knew you would love the HM2 as I surely love mine, what kind of ammo are you shooting in it??
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    That rifle should get you close to 1/4" groups at 50 yards. Not sure how they do at 100.
    I don't own a 17, but my 22LR gets me 1/4 at 50 and my 22WMR's get me sub 3/4 at 100. I am in the market for a 17, so show us some groups when you have a chance. I am thinking HMR, but only because M2's are becoming scarce. BTW, I am "esoxhunter" on too