finally got my striper back!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fishnfool, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Believe it or not the taxidermist has had this fish for seven years and was just finished last week. I caught it at cumberland early spring during the spawn run, meanist fish I've ever hooked by far, 37 inches long and if I remember right it was around 32 pounds. I've hooked bigger ones but never landed them, haven't been back since, but I'm going next spring can't wait. Anyway I dropped this fish off and paid a deposit and he said it would take about six months so I wait and call after six mo. and he's in afica hunting, so I kept trying and kept trying to keep having the same result I finally gave up until about two years ago, and I finally made contact with him and he said It would be about a month, more like two years, he'll never get my business again.I guess it looks alright what do you guys think?
  2. Maybe taxidermist year's are like dog year's!;) The mount looks great! Congrats!

  3. CoolWater

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    Wow, and I was mad about a custom fishing rod taking 9 months! Seven years is way too long to wait - but I will say it looks great. Glad you finally got it !!!
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    Man, all I can say is you are one patient person...I would have been camped on that dude's front porch after 12 months! :mad: BTY, the mount looks great, but it should after 7 years...he certainly had time to fine tune it!
  5. I definately would've been over the house everyday until I got it back and would've given it to someone else to do.

    I think he was lying through his teeth to you. Hunting in Africa???? Yeah right. Must've been a pretty affluent person to be able to afford a trip like that. I believe a hunting trip to Africa is around $9500 to $12,000. I happen to have a friend of mine that lives in Ft. Lauderdale that has ALOT of money and went on a trip like that. $13,000 for a week down there.

    Anyway, forget it man. Don't give him any more business.

    You fish looks great, enjoy it.:D
  6. BlueRibbonTaxidermy

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    Fishnfool, I am a taxidermist and I would say that chances are real good that the mount you got back is not the original fish you caught. There too many reasons to mention as to why I am saying that but that is my opinion. Also most may say the mount looks good but I say it is average, at best, work for a professional. Sorry but I call them like I see them and yes, I could and do do much better work. Jeff
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    from what he was telling me is that he guided trips in africa and was gone for months out of the year, and he was the only one who knew how to do the fish. All I know is that I could have done it quicker than that,and I'll never go there again and I personally think it looks like crap! I'll be calling you blue ribbon next time.
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    sorry about your BAD experience with this jackass. the mount looks to have too much white in it to me(im no expert) and it took seven years. im afraid he would have gotten an ass whopin' instead of a check.