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    Well got up early to head to the lmr before work, Ended up falling back asleep but still made the river by 7am. Started out experimenting with some more new patterns and had no luck so I switched back to the old faithful black bunny leach with a gold cone. After about 4 cast's BAM and the fight was on. Ended with a very nice smallie about 15-16" and fat. Put up a real nice fight with acrobatics and some strong runs. He was sitting in the slower flat water just after a deeper riffle. It was pretty deep there maybe 4-6ft and then went into about 2ft of water. He hard scared the crap out of me actually. I hooked into a couple of small gar but did not land any. I was hoping to find some carp but I did not see one anywhere. I did see a guy throwing what looked like a crank, he was aways upstream, land a real nice channel cat. All in all a great way to start out the day. I did get a pic but don't have the cable I need here at the shop so I will try to post it tomorrow. S

  2. Read the dang post, he says exactly what he was using...
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    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Yep the black bunny leech with a gold cone. It is simply a peace of cross cut rabbit and a gold cone, Put your cone one and build a thread base. Then tie a long piece of rabbitd off the back of the hook, wrap the bunny forwor so that the fur lays back and tie off.