Finally connected on a ML buck!

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  1. I finally connected on a nice buck this year. I had only one day to ML hunt and it was a heck of a hunt. I went down to my property and did an all day hunt. In the morning I only seen one doe that a dog ran by me. In the evening I tried my stand on a high ridge and about got blown out of it due to the wind. I dropped over the hollar and watch where three ravines come together. At 3:45 I seen movment just under the ridge and all I could see was rack. Someone or something was after him because he was running hard. I was hunting about 50 yards from the property line so I assume one of my neighbors jumped him. He was running from my left to right and never thought in a million years he would come down the hill to me. That he did! At 20 yards I grunted with my voice to stop him and shot him right in the neck. He folded up like a cardboard box. My dad seen this buck during gun and named him the "white horned buck." The guy checking in deer looked in his mouth to age him and the deer did not have a tooth in it's head! He estimated the deer was 5+ years old and going down hill. I would have liked to seen this buck last year. I guess passing on some of those smaller bucks in the past finally payed off.

  2. SWEET!
    But he had a POOR DENTAL HYGENE PROGRAM, (lol)

  3. great job, nice deer!!
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    Congrats. nice late season buck
  5. ...Nice buck Darron...It went your way for a change...Must have been an old deer not to have any teeth...Well past his prime huh!...C.L...
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    Congratulations on a very nice buck!
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    congratulations nice buck, got to connect on this one yesterday afternoon. monday we seen 23 and on tuesday we seen 8.
  8. Congrats to both of you. I was unable to connect with a buck this year. I saw a bunch of Does and 3 spikes during muzzleloading season. I decided to call it a year. I'll get the trail cameras back out to see what we still have running around, but now it is on to shed hunting.