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Finally broke the Losing streak at Griggs

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jaredj, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. I went out with my Nephew for a few hours today and I finally cought on out there. It only took about 10 outings :) I bought a new Rod, G Loomis IMX. Coencidence, maybe, but I love the rod. I bought it from Gander Mountian, as I do most my tackle. I think they have the best service, always helping me out. :) I will try again tomorrow and see how my luck is. Thanks for everyones help and support out here. I will still need it :D
  2. I was in there myself tonight and bought a new St. Croix light action rod...I get good service in there myself...always seems to be the same guy back there with all the reels...thats good though because he seems to know his stuff and never seems put out to share a little expertise and show you as much as you want to see, my son was with me and got a little tired of seeing me buy all the new tackle and talked me into getting him one of the Guide series combos for him...might have to try our new stuff out sometime tomorrow.

  3. OK, Without revealing secrets, what'd you catch & how'd you catch it?? Where'd you catch it? I'm taking a non-fishing friend out Sunday & I'd like him to catch something cuz he'd no longer be a non-fishing friend. Any info would help, thanks.

  4. G Lommis rods rule!! I have about 8 of them and they really make a difference. Good luck with the IMX!!!
  5. Thanks all for your replys.

    I was along the west bank on the south side of Fishinger rd Bridge. I used a black/blue 1/4 oz jig and blue pig. Just flipped it as close to shore as possible and slowly pulled it back to the boat. Good luck tomorrow. I may be back out there tomorrow. Depends what the wife says :)
  6. i have never been to griggs. i was wondering if anyone could describe the (bass) cover and structure found if any. and also where the ramps are located thanks in advance.
  7. dfoxfish

    dfoxfish chairbustintruckdrowner

    depends on what the wife says????? :D
  8. ShakeDown

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    Wanna b...Griggs is located off SR 33 (Riverside Drive) in Upper Arlington. Just south of Fishinger Rd. There's a stoplight at the main entrance, turn in, hang a right, and the ramps are on your left (2 sets, one right as you turn in, the other by the bridge).

    As for structure, Griggs has it all. Rocks, weeds, wood, feed creeks, and humps.