Finally boat 1st catfish of the season!!

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by nlcatfish, May 28, 2008.

  1. I put the boat in the Ohio River at 07:50. There was a strong down river wind which made the river very choppy. I got my 2 lines in the water at 08:20 just below the Mill Creek. 08:27 I hooked my 1st. catfish of the 2008 season. The channel cat was 23 inches long and weigh 6.4 pounds. It hit some shrimp soaked in vanilla extract. At 08:55 had another strong bite on the shrimp,. I pulled back to set the hook but came up empty. Netted some Shad for bait and fish for another hour. Not one bite, so headed back up river. By now the wind really was rocking my small boat. The current seemed to racing hard as well. Just gave up fighting those conditions and headed home at 12 noon. At least I did boat my first catfish of the year. :G
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    Way to go man, glad to hear ya put your first catfish on the season on the boat, wish ya many more!