Finally a little success

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    creekwalker Moving water...

    After several attempts at OR tribs, I caught one small white bass and a decent wiper stuffed with shad today and a small flathead catfish to boot.

    My one wiper crushed the shad body when it hit the water about 30 yards away, then made a b-line right at me, right by me and started heading out toward the river, taking drag all the way...good to feel that rush again, its been a while. I'll be hitting it again in the morning :D BRING ON THE RAIN.

    Date: 10/18/2007
    Time: Evening
    Surface Temp: 68
    Water Clarity: Clear
    Weather: Cloudy
    Target: White bass / wipers
    From: Bank
    Baits: 3" Shad (also tried rooster tail, 3" white grub, and 4" shad)
    Depth: 1-3'
    Fish Count: 3
    Species Caught: white bass, wiper, flathead
    Notes: Still very little current in the smaller tribs and leaves all over the water
  2. Great Report and I love the breakdown.


  3. Hey CW, great report, it is a rush, isn't it! ;)
    I keep skunking last few weeks, but we did catch one in the cast net last night, about 24 inches! 3 feet from bank.