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  1. My club has it's championship tourn at Griggs of all places this Sat..Any info would be appreciated.The last tourn there was terrible.Thanks guys.

  2. Catch 2 solid'll win.

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    Not sure which Griggs you are talking about??

    It takes 6 to 8 lbs to win there weeknight and weekend tourneys. My team has caught bags just under 10lbs, and I have seen a few bags over 10lbs in the last two years.

    As far as advice, go do some prefishing and figure them out!!!
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    PM me for GPS info.
  5. I was exagerating a bit but it is tough fishing alot of the time there.
  6. Griggs was awesome for me a couple weeks ago. We won a sunday tourny there with 10.98lbs (6 bass). The weather highly contributed to that though, right now I wouldn't expect that much weight to'll probably need about 8 and change to win saturday.

    Goodluck and keep in touch, havent heard from ya in awhile
  7. Mike, You Hav'nt Been There In A Little While For The Tuesday Nighters. This Past Tuesday 1st Place Had An 8lb Bag, But For About A Month Prior, It Was 2.5lbs-4.5lbs To Win. It Has Slowed Down Some Since Earlier. I'm Hoping The Cooler Water Will Pick It Up Some, Hopefully This Past Tuesday Was An Indicator That It Is. Although There Are Only A Few Weeks Left.
  8. Make sure you exchange cash winnings outside of the park.